“He Is A Kind And Cute Person,” IU Addresses The Dating News With Lee Jong Suk And Apologies For Surprising Fans

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IU has personally addressed the new dating news with Lee Jong suk after the couple was confirmed to be dating!

On December 31, Dispatch reported the couple is dating, later, both agencies confirmed the happy news.

On January 1, IU took to her fan cafe to talk to fans about the news reveal.

She wrote,

“Hello, UAENA!
Is everyone sleeping now? I wonder where and how everyone spent the last day of 2022. I hope you didn’t spend the last day of the year feeling too anxious because of me. I came to send you my New Year’s greetings along with my gratitude and apologies.
For those who have read today’s news, you may already know that I am in a relationship. You may be surprised, UAENA, who has always worried about me and asked about my well-being. But yes, this is how it turned out!
I am with a long-time colleague and we are growing our good feelings for each other and relying on each other.
For a long time, he has been kind enough to support me and always told me I am amazing. He is a kind and cute person who sends me sincere and genuine encouragement.
Since UAENA has always looked after me so well, I think you will feel that I am currently having a good and comfortable emotional time doing well. With that, one of the reasons why my self-esteem and passion for recent work is particularly growing is because I have a good friend who has been praising me for a long time from a close place.
Since everyone knows now, we will date quietly and beautifully to not worry my fans….!
I’m sorry for surprising you and I’m sorry to UAENA who felt bad and asked about my well-being first.
Although I haven’t written a letter in a long time, I wrote it while thinking a little longer about each word, and the New Year has already come while I was writing. I started writing in 2022, but when I finished, it was already 2023.
I hope everyone receives a lot of good luck for the New Year. I was so happy to see you again and be so close to you in 2022, which is now the past. Even if I think back on those moments that were so heart-wrenching, I’m sure I’ll never forget them.
Thank you for having fun with me and being my closest friend for the whole year! I’ll work hard again this year without being lazy! I’ll do my best.
Again, I hope you receive a lot of good luck for the New Year, UAENA, Sleep well and when you wake up, it’s the New Year. Good night. I love you.”

What do you think of IU’s letter? Were you surprised by the dating news?

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