IU Explains Why She Cried Listening To EXO D.O Song “That’s Okay” And Why She Recommends It To Her Fans

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IU has finally updated fans on how she’s been doing with her time recently through an appearance on KBS Cool FM’s” Jung Eun Ji Music Plaza.”

IU appeared on the radio show to talk about what she’s been doing, how she’s spending her time, her celebrity friends and more. Apink’s Jung Eun Ji was super excited to have her on the show; IU said that she was sorry for not coming sooner on the radio show. The two are the same age and are known for being close friends.

IU also told fans about how she’s been spending her time practicing social distancing,

“I’ve been watching ‘Money Heist’ on Netflix. I am eating almost all of my meals in my house because we’re practicing social distancing.

Since I am not moving a lot, I found myself gaining weight, so I bought a treadmill and I run on it for an hour every day.”

IU is currently preparing for her upcoming movie “Dream,” she explained that they will begin filming in May and that she had recently met with the cast and crew to discuss the film.

When asked what songs she’d recommend to her fans, she strongly recommended EXO member D.O.’s “That’s Okay.” She explained,

“Since I was a trainee, I haven’t shed tears or felt comforted after listening to a song.”

She confessed she sometimes cries at night listening to D.O.’s “That’s Okay,” and explained that the song gives her comfort and helps her fall asleep. She recommended the song to her fans who have trouble sleeping.

The song D.O gifted fans before his departure for military service found immense success in South Korea; it topped music charts and stayed there for a while.

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