Is Wonho Signaling His Return? Agency Releases New Profile Photos

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Wonho became a trending topic on twitter after his agency posted new profile photos.

Earlier in April, fans were over the moon to learn that Wonho had finally been signed to an agency, after leaving Starship entertainment last year following controversies; he’s since been cleared of all charges.

He even spoke to Dispatch about his past controversies and how he felt during the entire ordeal, read about it here.

So when fans heard that Wonho signed a contract with Highline Entertainment, a subsidiary of Starship Entertainment, they went crazy. He is signed as a solo artist and producer.

On April 29, Highline Entertainment shared new profile photos of Wonho looking great. Some are wondering whether this is a signal about his imminent return to the industry.

Check out the photos below:

Stay tuned for more updates on Wonho’s activities!

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