Is There A Chance That SISTAR Will Ever Reunite Again? Soyu Answers Dedicated Fans Burning Question

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To all those dedicated SISTAR fans who miss the amazing four women, a reporter asked Soyu about the possibility of SISTAR ever reuniting and this is what she had to say.

Soyu met the reporters at her company Starship Entertainment building which is in Gangnam on October 2nd, she discussed her solo album ‘Part.2 [RE: FRESH].’

SISTAR had announced disbandment more than a year ago and bid farewell to fans in the most elegant way possible, Soyu was asked about the former group she said,

“Its funny to call it a ‘beautiful farewell’ but it was just that. I still keep in touch with them and we still meet up. Everyone is the doing the best at their solo activities. We still cheer on each other.”

Will there EVER be a possibility of a reunion, Soyu gave this cautious answer, she said,

“I am trying to be cautious talking about that now.  Since we came to that decision after thinking about it for a long time, it’s kind of sensitive.

We had dedicated 7 years of our youth for our group. If people still remember us then and if we’re okay, then I think we can get back together. Bora and Dasom have been acting but also love music, while Hyorin unnie came out with a solo album last summer and I’ll come up with a new one next year.

Of course, SISTAR still crosses my mind; I hope that people long less for SISTAR by listening to my new solo song.”

Would you like to see SISTAR reunite one day?

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