Is Stray Kids Bang Chan New Hairstyle A Case Of Cultural Appropriation? Fans Divided

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Stray Kids Bangchan recent hairstyle is raising eyebrows, some fans claim this is a case of cultural appropriation.

The idol has sported cornrows recently, a change of style that received mixed reactions from their fandom (stay). Some called for an explanation and an apology while others simply state he did nothing wrong.

Fans are also bringing up the fact that he’s a rookie and has no control over his style from clothes to hair.

Here is what fans are saying:

JYP Entertainment has yet to respond to fans’ complaints.

What do you think of this? Is this cultural appropriation or cultural appreciation?

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  1. Cornrows/braids aren’t entitled to their own race? Even if it was made up by one race and mainly is used by that race doesn’t mean ONLY that race can use it, or at least that’s how I see it. He didn’t know it was going to start this. Other idols like Jay Park, Kai, Taeyong, Zico, Bobby, and Winwin and probably a LOT more did it too. it’s not just him. Stop attacking him. He probably (PROBABLY PEOPLE) didn’t have a choice. Even if he wanted it that’s his decision. He didn’t know any better I mean HES STILL SO YOUNG.

  2. The thing is tho is that they aren’t cornrows they are Dutch braids in a row cornrows don’t have that much hair at the ends they get braided until they can’t be braided anymore and the the rap them so there isn’t hair at the ends. You can clearly see Chan’s hair why would the stylist give him cornrows and then not to cornrows correctly..?

  3. I am black and I know my black history
    I find no offence in this
    It’s literally a hairstyle originally created by black people but doesn’t mean it’s for only black people
    I mean I can see other black people finding this offensive
    Yeah some hairstyles have meanings to them but you can still keep those meanings within a different race plus it wasn’t even his fault
    He shouldn’t be hated on because of his stylists’ choices

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