Is BIGBANG Gdragon Trying To Send A Cryptic Message To VIPs And YG? Recent Post Has Fans Guessing

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BIGBANG Gdragon is back on instagram!

BIGBANG Gdragon will be discharged in less than a month now. Ahead of his discharge, he posted to instagram; it would be his first in more than 7 months.

Some people seem to believe that Gdragon is currently on break since his sister’s wedding is just around the corner, she is set to get married on October 11.

Fans were extremely excited to welcome him back to instagram; the content of the post he uploaded to instagram is making fans wonder if he’s referring to YG current turbulent time, or if he’s referring to VIPs, or if he’s referring to something that has to do with his future plans following military discharge.

The post has pictures of his back and these messages,

“Live for yourself, let the world turn without you, its not the end of the world with you”, don’t take yourself too seriously.”

The last picture has the following message written in English,

“Dont be afraid of the clocks, they are our time, time has been so generous fo us. We imprinted time with the sweet taste of victory. We conquered fate by meeting at & certain TIME in a certain space. We are a product of the time, therefore we give back credit were it is due: time.

We are synchronized, now and forever.

I love you.”

Fans are wondering if these are messages to VIPs or not. Regardless, they welcomed him back on instagram with comments such as,

“welcome back dadi jiyong”

“Welcome back GD !! COMEBACK BIGBANG”

“Jiyong.. Please give us a GOOD news about BIGBANG when you cameback.. Please?”

“Welcome back king” and more


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What do you think Gdragon meant with his post?

Whats your reaction to this article?

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  1. I interpret it as a message saying that he is thankful to the time he has had, the members of Big Bang and the timing of there fate to meet each other, he’s thankful for all their achievements and the way they have influenced people, it doesn’t mean there time is up but simply that they are thankful to the VIPs and the the company, this doesn’t mean that there won’t be a comeback or any news on big bang but just a thank you message

    1. And Seungri isn’t okay? They are called Jung Joon Young and Choi Jong Hoon. Right now what he has left is his gambling issue overseas which wasn’t yet proven with SOLID EVIDENCE.

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