Is Big Hit Entertainment Acquiring Cube Entertainment? Investment Insiders Notice These Signs

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Big Hit Entertainment has been expanding its empire since 2019 began, they acquired GFRIEND agency not too long ago and rumors had it that they could be acquiring more agencies in the near future.

But why do some people believe Big Hit Entertainment could be acquiring Cube Entertainment soon? Cube Entertainment’s recent stock price surge has people wondering why it happened and some investment industry insiders talked about why it would happen.

On November 8, people noticed that Cube Entertainment stock price went up by 25.54% from the previous trading day, a weird phenomenon considering that nothing special happened to warrant the sudden spike in the stock price.

Official investment industry insiders predict that Big Hit would speed up its business diversification soon to minimize risks incurred by BTS pending military enlistment. Jin is supposed to enlist next year according to military laws which would naturally mean a significant decrease in profit since BTS won’t be able to promote as 7 soon. The fastest way to acquire talents in a short span of time would be through acquiring agencies that had already established themselves through their groups.

Big Hit is also set to debut a girl group soon as they are currently holding auditions for a new girl group. Big Hit is aiming to grow faster and it could be that they’re considering acquiring Cube Entertainment.

Big Hit hasn’t issued an official response to reports by Korean media on this subject yet. It remains something that investment insiders speculated on.

Do you think it’s a good idea for Big Hit to acquire Cube?

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        1. They won’t as they are on contract for 7 more years. I’m sure they’ll keep making music and performances since it’s what they love to do regardless when they go to the military.

  1. You mean, soyeon X suga interaction is possible.dont get me wrong I don’t ship them, it’s just that Both are amazing producers and rappers and I respect them .Hope to see a collab mixtape tho

  2. Calm down, people. Lol It’s only a rumor so far. Regardless if BigHit accquires Cube Ent or not, we still have to respect the groups and companies regardless.

  3. This is LITERALLY JUST A FAN RUMOUR that started out jokingly on stan twitter, and then K-Netz took the wheel and went CRAZY with theories. Of course the stocks went up recently, (G)Idle had a comeback lol!

    There’s literally no evidence that BigHit have any intention to buy Cube, and I doubt Cube would willingly sell themselves that easily when they have so many artists under their label. They’re not exactly a small company, there was a time when they were almost considered one of the Big3 (before the scandals happened and their management went to shit). The CEO isn’t friends with Bang PD, and that’s mainly the reason why BigHit acquired GFriend’s company, because the two CEOs were on very good terms. This is business, and no CEO would just hand control of their company over to another label unless they had a amiable relationship with that CEO and knew it wouldn’t usurp their position.

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