Is AKMU Chanhyuk Thinking Of Leaving YG? What He Told Lee Hi About Signing Into A New Agency

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Lee Hi is currently preparing for her first solo comeback after leaving YG Entertainment. The news was welcomed by her fans who have been waiting to hear her voice again, but the question remained ‘under what label?’

Lee Hi isn’t currently signed to any label; she’s in talks to sign with AOMG. No news about which label she joined has been shared yet.

Ahead of her solo release, Lee Hi dropped a video series asking her celebrity friends which company she should join, on the second episode of her new series, she met with AKMU Chanhyuk to ask him the same question, but his answer made headlines and got netizens wondering if he plans on leaving YG.

When Lee Hi asked him which label she should join, he said,

“I think you should wait a little… and join my company when I make one…”

Lee Hi added that he’s been talking about it for two years, Chanhyuk explained,

“I have a dream about Lee Hi’s voice.”

Lee Hi explained that he wants to produce her songs and chart on Billboard.

It’s been reported that AKMU has about 9 months left on their contract with YG.

You can check out the video where they talk about this below:

Do you think they should stay or leave?

My Personal Thoughts

AKMU have the type of sound that does tremendously well in Korea, so I highly doubt they need a big label to survive, it’s the other way around in my opinion.

From experience and talking to my peers in the industry, it’s not easy to run a company but many idols are doing that these days and doing it well, even younger ones you wouldn’t expect to be the CEO of their labels. I think it depends on the idol and how much responsibility they’re willing to take, fans don’t know just how much work it takes to run a company not to mention one that handles everything about an idol.

It would be interesting to see if he can do it, it’ll also give him the creative freedom to do whatever he wants musically without restrictions. It’ll be a loss for YG if they left.

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