International VIPs Furious After A BIGBANG Fan Community Ask YG To Remove Seungri From BIGBANG

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International VIPs woke up to some pretty annoying news today!

Various Korean news outlets reported that online fan community DC BIGBANG Gallery released a statement asking YG Entertainment to remove Seungri from BIGBANG.

The statement by online fan community DC BIGBANG Gallery was released on March 9 and has since then went viral and got a lot of mixed reactions from the general public as well as VIPs.

The title of their statement translates to,

“Calling for YG Entertainment to remove Seungri.”

The statement goes on to explain why some Korean VIPs want Seungri removed. In the statement, they explain Seungri harmed his group’s reputation beyond repair. There are two parts to the statement, one part touches on the serious allegations against him that are if proven considered illegal and punishable by law and the unethical part of controversies Seungri has been involved in.

The statement cites many reasons including the burning sun incident, allegedly offering escorts services to investors, alleged tax evasion, and using BIGBANG name for personal business.

As for the ethical part, the community names the disciplinary action received by the Korea Communications Commission when Seungri asked a female idol to pour alcohol on tvN’s variety show “Salty Tour,” they also add using his personal Instagram account to ask fans to vote for a person on a magazine that features explicit photos.

The community argues,

“It would be necessary for Seungri to be excluded from BIGBANG because it is not possible to recover the damage caused to the group.

As of March 9, BIGBANG Gallery will no longer support Seungri.”

The statement released didn’t sit well with many international and Korean VIPs, many Korean VIPs argue the statement doesn’t speak for them and shouldn’t be used for generalization. Many Korean VIPs are not happy with the online community bringing more negative attention to BIGBANG during such times.

On the other hand, the majority of international VIPs strongly disagree with the statement released, many assured they believe BIGBANG is composed of five members, many others also asked for the investigation to conclude before the Korean VIP community makes such statements.

Others also quoted BIGBANG saying they’re not BIGBANG without Seungri.

Meanwhile, Seungri is set to enlist as an active duty soldier on March 25.

What do you think of this?

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  1. I think that before even talking about this amusing petition, we need to wonder who these people are, because what’s sure is that they are not VIPs.
    VIPs know that removing one member will mean the end of the group.
    As BIGBANG members stated more than once or twice, they will not go on if one of the members will leave.
    While this petition went viral, it’s only due to the fact that some people are desperately looking to dig any dirt that might hurt Seungri right now and since there are no charges against him, they try and make it look as if his fans are leaving him.
    KVIPs and IVIPs have been supporting Seungri, each in their own way. KVIPs have been working hard, translating articles and news, to inform everyone about the truth.
    A petition with no signers is nothing but a joke and they will need to prove that they are really VIPs (good luck with that) before their plea will be considered.
    Other than that, the only ones deciding what’s going to happen to BIGBANG are YG, BIGBANG and real VIPs.
    There are millions of us so there’s zero chances of Seungri leaving BIGBANG.

  2. Innocent til proven guilty !!!!! Who do they think they are asking for something so preposterous, there forgetting the roles that they play in the Korean fandom if they don’t like Seingri and don’t want to continue supporting Big Bang then that’s fine just don’t but don’t act like a judge and condem when they don’t know shit let the authorities do there job and the truth will eventually come out

  3. I can only quote Kwon Jiyong: ‘MIDDLE FINGERS UP’ to this DC Bigbang Group and don’t let the the door hit you on the ass when you leave the BIGBANG fandom. YOU WON’T BE MISSED!

  4. They’ve been attacking seungri eversince his hyungs went to military….his the only idol who has the most scandal with less than 2yrs. They been throwing everything to him….. And its funny coz since his hyungs are just around the corner of being discharge they’ve been really trying really hard to put seungri/BIGBANG down…..

  5. If you are a VIP you wouldnt ask for this..or question the flaws of any BiGBang members either…so stop doing shitty things as if u are the most valuable one..#stopIt it doesnt help at all

  6. Seungri is innocent until proven guilty.
    The investigation is ongoing so nothing is concluded yet.
    *If you are really a fan of Bigbang, you can’t say such thing so easily because Bigbang is one group.They are one family. If you hurt just one of them, ALL members felt the PAIN so don’t be tactless.

  7. Someone asking who are we to ask YG, BB & Seungri not to leave BB…We are VIPS!!!! We believe and know BB is 5 members.
    We will ALWAYS support BIGBANG and each member equally.

  8. Someone asking who are we to ask YG, BB & Seungri not to leave BB…We are VIPS!!!! We believe and know BB is 5 members.
    We will ALWAYS support BIGBANG and each member equally.

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