iKON’s Bobby Asked About How His Life Has Changed After Becoming A Husband And A Father, Here Is His Answer

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Ahead of their highly anticipated comeback, iKON held a press conference to discuss their return and one question gained attention among fans.

On May 3, the iKON members attended the press conference ahead of their comeback. Among the questions asked by the press was one about the things that changed for Bobby after marriage and fatherhood.

Bobby said,

“I think my identity as iKON’s Bobby and Kim Ji Won [his real name] are separate. As the iKON member and artist Bobby, nothing has changed. I am giving it my best without holding back.”

The iKON members also discussed their comeback and talked about how their title track is a new genre they’re attempting for the first time.

IKON’s newest release will drop on May 3 at 6 PM KST, alongside the full MV for the group’s title track “But You”. 

What did you think of Bobby’s response to the press questions?

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