iKON Members Sign With A New Agency After Departing YG Entertainment

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iKON Members have found a new home!

The group has conveyed new news to fans from the first day of the new year 2023 announcing they’ve signed with a new agency.

On the first day of January, iKON signed a new exclusive contract with 143 Entertainment and will open the second act of their music career in a new nest. All six members, Bobby, Kim Jin-hwan, Song Yun-hyeong, Kim Dong-hyeok, Goo Jun-hoe, and Jeong Chan-woo, have signed the contract as a united “original team.”

iKON said, “We have prioritized complete, unbreakable group activities with the members and have come to an agreement with 143 Entertainment. With the intention of repaying the warm support and love you have given us, we will continue to fiercely pursue iKON’s unique music.”

iKON debuted in 2015 with “My Type.” It was announced that they left YG just recently.

The producer behind 143 Entertainment, said, “I am confident in iKON’s unique talent and energy, and will actively support them in all aspects so that they can freely and fully engage in music activities.”

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