iKON Fans Get Renewed Hope After B.I Does This To His Instagram Account

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Former iKON member B.I recent Instagram activity has given hope to fans!

On November 15, fans noticed something while going through B.I Instagram account. They discovered that he had deleted all his previous photos except for photos of his members and group photos. He also deleted the apology letter he had previously uploaded announcing his departure from iKON.

B.I is currently being investigated by police for his past alleged drug incident. Yang Hyun Suk was also recently summoned for questioning which lasted for over 12 hours.

Fans are happy to see that his account just became an OT7 page and started wondering that there might be something going on, they had renewed hope that iKON wouldn’t let go of each other.

They trended the hashtag #HANBINBEBACK and filled it with encouraging messages of support and hope that he might be back one day, they’re happy to learn that he still thinks of iKON as seven members despite everything that happened.

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Adding to that, B.I also deleted all of his songs from soundcloud except for one song that is titled ‘Take Care.’

Here is how fans are reacting:

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What do you think this means?

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  1. Without Kwon Jiyong “G-Dragon” what is #Bigbang? Without JB (#Got7) without RM “Namjoon” (#BTS) etc.. What would these groups be? We need our leadernim Hanbin “BI” for IKON to continue be IKON!

  2. It’s sad and depressing, If YG didn’t delete all of that stuff, I hope that his family and friends are there with him, always in his corner, not judging, but supporting him and assisting him in his time of need. I miss him being with them as well …

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