“If You Wish Upon Me” Ending- Episode 16 Recap And Review

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“If You Wish Upon Me” has aired its finale earlier today, here is a recap of the finale and its ending explained.

“If You Wish Upon Me” episode 16 recap

Does Team Genie grant Kang Tae-Sik’s last wish?

Yes, despite being reluctant, Yoon Gyeo-Rye grants his lash wish. He takes him into the sea, the same sea where he attempted suicide. The team members also come on the bus with him. Turns out, Kang Tae-Sik’s last wish was for them to hold the first birthday party for Yoon Gyeo-Rye. They hold the first party to him on the sea, he breaks down in tears while trying to keep a smile on his face.

Kang Tae-Sik watches them from afar and says, ‘happy birthday.’ Kang Tae-Sik also hands Yoon Gyeo-Rye his watch, he says, ‘now, my time is yours.’

What happens to Ha Joon-Kyung?

She reconnects with Jang Seok-Joon and refuses to stop visiting him in prison. She also opens a YouTube channel and now uploads videos working out sharing her daily routine.

What happens to Jang Seok-Joon?

He is in jail serving time, Ha Joon-Kyung visits him and checks up on him. He tells her not to come and to live her own life freely but she refuses, she says she’ll come weekly to visit him.

Did Pyo Cheol-Woo get arrested?

Yes. Eventually, the girls he worked with team up against him. One of them meets with Ha Joon-Kyung and shows her video evidence of him beating her up. Ha Joon-Kyung also shows her video evidence taken by Seo Yeon-Joo of him getting drugs.

He attempts to escape but police comes in with an arrest warrant as he’s doing it.

Did Kang Tae-Sik pass away?

Yes, he passes away. However, we’re not shown the exact scene, it could be hinted that he passed away watching team Genie celebrate Yoon Gyeo-Rye’s birthday by the sea or died shortly after since he didn’t have much time left.

What happens to Yoon Gyeo-Rye and Seo Yeon-Joo?

After Kang Tae-Sik’s death, its shown that Yoon Gyeo-Rye is now the captain of the ship. He stills aids around in everything, he also sleeps in the ambulance van like Kang Tae-Sik used to.

When he goes inside the place, he says in voiceover that as the Kang Tae-Sik’s narses wanted, a site was arranged inside the hospital to establish make a wish foundation and the angel village.

The angle village was established for people with alzheimer, an environment that makes them feel like they’re at home where people keep a close eye on them. An environment they can be happy in. Yeom Soon-Ja thrives there and she also now recalls her husband but doesn’t recall many of the team Genie members.

How does “If You Wish Upon Me” end?

After the death of Kang Tae-Sik, we fast forward to 1 year later. Yoon Gyeo-Rye is told a new volunteer will come today and he must train her to do a proper job.

He waits outside for her to arrive, she arrives on a motorcycle, she has a lot of piercings and looks rough. She has a pet turtle too. The woman [played by Lee Yoo Mi] looks at Yoon Gyeo-Rye and Seo Yeon-Joo wondering what will happen while Yoon Gyeo-Rye looks at her all worried knowing trouble awaits him.

“If You Wish Upon Me” episode 16 review

That was a cute ending, when the team went to the sea I nearly lost it. I liked that they didn’t show his exact death scene, it would’ve been too much on my heart.

“If You Wish Upon Me” was overall a very nice experience, it encountered bumps along the way but its premise and the overall message its trying to convey makes me not want to go so hard on it. The stories are still very heartbreaking and/or heartwarming and I connected well with them. It felt genuine.

However, like all 16-episodes kdramas, “If You Wish Upon Me” suffers from a pacing issue, only if the drama had been 10 episodes long, I felt it would’ve made a bigger impact but its KBS so…. That ain’t happening.

Is this my fav wookie drama ever? No, its not, but its far from the worst script he’s done. I’d argue this is one of the better-written dramas he’s been in recent memory.

I liked his acting here a lot, he got to show off how good he is. Sung Dong-Il was also amazing here, he’s always amazing. Won Ji-An is an interesting rising talent that I can’t wait to see more of in the future.

Overall, all the performances were great, and a special shoutout to Gil Hae-Yeon who plays the role of Deok Ja, such an amazing performance.

So what did you guys think of If You Wish Upon Me ending?

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