Idols Of Four Of The Biggest Groups Got Involved In Dating Rumors On January 1st, (TWICE, X1, Apink And Super Junior)

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Dispatch might’ve decided not to publish dating news on January 1st, but that doesn’t mean other people have given up on the opportunity.

Dispatch has made it a tradition to reveal a celebrity couple on January 1st of each year, however, they didn’t reveal a couple this year which got people even more curious about the news.

Despite Dispatch absence from the equation, other people stepped up to stir controversy. The first dating rumor that came up on January 1st was of Apink member Jung Eun Ji and VICTON and X1 member Han Seung Woo.

An internet user uploaded a photo of what was presumed to be Eunji and Seung Woo walking with face masks at a shopping complex, the user wrote about being infuriated that Dispatch didn’t reveal them as the idol couple and decided to do that him/herself. The user claimed that the photo was snapped on December 13, 2019.

After fans saw the photo and it spread online quickly, they asked their agency to clarify the rumors. VICTON and Apink agency responded to explain that the two people in the photo are indeed Jung Eun Ji and Han Seung Woo, but they are not dating.

A source told news outlets,

“The rumors being mentioned online are groundless.”

And the two idols share a sunbae-hoobae relationship for being from the same company, the agency asked for people to refrain from posting speculative reports.

But these two were not the only ones who got involved in dating rumors on January 1st, the second alleged couple is TWICE Momo and Super Junior Heechul, and this isn’t the first time they’ve been involved in dating rumors.

The news outlet that ‘exclusively’ reported their dating rumors on January 1st is the same one who reported the same news back in August of 2019. Back then, both JYP and Label SJ firmly denied the news.

That didn’t mean the news outlets wouldn’t try to report on the news again without any actual photo proof to back it up. According to Market News, Momo and Heechul are dating well despite their hectic schedules. They’re also said to be supportive of each other’s careers in the entertainment industry.

Market News claims that their relationship progressed from sunbae-hoobae friendship to a romantic relationship and that they have been dating for two years, they share an age gap of 13 years. Heechul is 37, Momo is 24.

In response to those reports, a source from JYP and Label SJ said they’re currently looking into the rumors and are checking with their idols.

UPDATE: [BREAKING] TWICE Momo And Super Junior Heechul Confirmed To Be Dating

Stay tuned for updates!

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