Identity Of Girl Dining With Kim Tae Hyung Revealed, Army React Hilariously

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BTS’s V (Kim Tae Hyung) was spotted in a restaurant recently with someone who has long lushes hair, many presumed it was a girl.

A photo was posted to online community sites talking about this topic of Taehyung eating with a girl.

The photo was titled ‘Male Idol Who was Spotted to Eat Soup with a Girl,’ it didn’t take much time before it became a big issue.

The “girl” became everyone’s new obsession turned out to be someone kpop fans knew of.

That “girl” was non other than ONO’s trainee Jang Moonbok, the idol trainee with long amazing hair who appeared on Produce 101 male version a while ago.

Jang Moonbok is known to be a very close friend of Taehyung, they’ve went to the same high school together back in their hometown in Daegu.

Taehyung even messed around with army when he posted a photo of him with someone with a long hair then revealed that it was non other than THE Moonbok.

Both have dreamt of becoming singers together back in their hometown. Taehyung has achieved his dream but we’re still waiting for Moonbok to finally debut.

Jang Moonbok was a part of the notorious second season of Produce 101, he received much attention due to his happy personality and his long hair goals.

We wish that one day we’ll get to see the best friends share a stage in front of an audience.

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