“I Promise You The Truth Will Be Revealed Soon” Says Kang Daniel Regarding Dispute With Agency

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On March 3rd, news outlet Market News reported that popular idol and former Wanna One member Kang Daniel asked to terminate his contract with his agency LM Entertainment.

Since then, his agency released many statements to the press clarifying the reports,  they revealed Kang Daniel requested to modify some clauses in his contract but didn’t request to terminate.

Kang Daniel has finally returned with an official statement confirming there is indeed a dispute between him and his agency, he revealed the reason why as well.

Here is his official statement to his fan café:

“Hello, this is Kang Daniel.

First, I thank you fans who have been waiting for me for a month and I am sorry to bring this news to you through some bad articles.

Like the articles that came out today, I am in a dispute with the LM Entertainment.

Because I couldn’t show you all how I was doing on SNS (social media) and I thought you would be worried I asked for the transfer of my SNS accounts from my agency in order to convey even the smallest updates.

I have been waiting for my agency to voluntarily transfer in order to show you fans the better side of me, but theagency refused to transfer my SNS accounts and today an article came out about my dispute with the agency.

I was also very embarrassed when a lot of unfounded malicious articles began to be reported during this time. However, because I was worried about the fans who would become hurt with stories that are not facts, I summoned up the courage to open my new personal instagram account at 12 o’clock tomorrow.

I have had a lot of thoughts to make a decision like that, and it is really my decision purely made for myself and my fans.

I miss you guys so much and I want to be on stage again.

I was able to hold on during this hard time with the words you gave me and the memories we’ve shared in the past. I’ll do my best so I can stand in front of everyone with a good image.

Please believe in me a little longer. The truth will be revealed.

Thank you.

Kang Daniel.”

Following his official statement, fans wrote messages of support to the idol assuring him they’ll always be there for him.

What do you think of this?

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My Personal Thoughts

I wanna be honest! Dispute over an instagram account is pity… so I thought when I first saw it!

I have read a lot of comments and thought about it, in my honest opinion, I believe there is more to it than just social media accounts. He says ‘Please believe in me a little longer. The truth will be revealed.’ What could he possibly mean by this?

Daniel is hella famous, he debuted back in August 2017, so he’s not really a rookie idol anymore. He is also 22 years old, is it too much to ask an agency to let him post whatever he wants to his instagram account?

Let me talk about it from three points of view, the agency, Daniel and mine!

If I were to think about it from a business point of view, I kinda understand why the agency might not want to give up the accounts. Many idols get into trouble because of their posts to social media, some post weird photos, others post spoilers they really shouldn’t post, some others post lovestagram posts and there are those who make emotional posts.

The thing is, it can become a PR disaster. Daniel isn’t a rookie idol but he’s not established yet, he’s at a crossover. Agencies manage their idols social media accounts, its not like it’s a secret. Of course, bigger older idols control their own accounts but many junior idols every post is calculated, ask me, I am a social media marketing expert. Those posts you see are calculated and proofread, its rarely spontaneous especially for junior idols.

If I were to look at it from Daniel’s POV and only taking into consideration the information he gave us. I also understand him, he might think to himself, ‘if they will be limiting me with social media accounts? what will they limit me with in the future? I am not a rookie, I know what I am doing.’

This is the string of thoughts I believe Daniel thought about, he has his status and can shine wherever he went (if managed properly), the guy worked to the bone for the past two years, he deserves to be trusted. There is give and take in any contract in any business relationship.

You can’t expect to take without giving; I believe Daniel thinks this to himself.

In my point of view, I believe Daniel has guts and I like that he’s standing up to himself and took time to write a post to clarify to fans what has been going on. He has a large fanbase that’ll help him out, he did well releasing this statement.

Again, I believe there is more to it than just social media accounts, this is just my opinion, I doubt Daniel is dumb enough to just cause a ruckus and ask for contract terms to be adjusted because of an instagram account.

The thing is Daniel can go down if he signed to the wrong agency. I suspect this is also something on his mind. I am sure many agencies sent him love calls but I don’t understand why he signed under an unknown agency no has ever heard of.

He’s still young, 22 years old, so I worry about his decisions regarding joining this or that agency. A young adult can be easily swayed by sweet talk without reading into the fine prints. I hope he reads through his contract with his lawyers again to see if he had chosen a good agency or not.

Note: LM is a subsidiary of CJ E&M (which is HUGGGEEE, they have a lot of control).

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