HyunA’s Recent Instagram Post Is Causing Worry Among Her Fans

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HyunA is known for being super active on instagram. She regularly updates fans about her everyday life, she posts photos with her boyfriend Hyojong and her friends. She also posts videos of her dance practices.

It hasn’t been long since HyunA signed an exclusive contract with PSY’s new agency P-Nation, fans were delighted and happy to see that the beloved idol will be releasing new music soon.

The subject of HyunA’s weight loss has been a topic of discussion among netizens and international fans. She had previously posted a photo of a scale; she weighed 43 kg (95 Ib).

Fans expressed their concerns about her weight loss, many talked about the recent events she’s done under, leaving Cube Entertainment with her boyfriend after they announced to the world they were dating.

Fans believe all the subsequent events led to HyunA’s weight loss.

On February 25, HyunA posted a couple of photos of her outfit for the day, in one of the photos, the camera concentrated on her legs, netizens were shocked to see just how skinny her legs were.

A lot of netizens pointed out that her legs look so thin, many worried about her health.

Fans left many comments such as,

“You should eat more honey.”

“You’re so skinny, please eat a lot and take care of yourself.”

“Unnie you’re very skinny, since lip and hip i’ve been worried about your health, please eat well.”

“Hyuna you are beautiful in my eyes no matter how much you weigh as long as you’re healthy and happy!”

“You’re very skinny please take care of your health:((“

“You are too thin! Eat more.”

There are other fans who think she’s doing well and don’t see why other are worried.

What do you personally think of this?


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