HyunA’s Adorable Response To Fans Asking For Her Hand In Marriage Will Melt Your Heart

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HyunA’s response to a crowd asking to marry her is the cutest thing you’ll see today.

During a recent festival, HyunA chatted with fans and one fan had a sign with a message that asks for her hand in marriage. HyunA asked the crowd whether it was a trend to ask people to marry you these days. When she looked at the fan, she replied, ‘oh you’re serious?’

HyunA then smiled and held up her left hand to show off her engagement ring. She cutely said, ‘oh, but what do I do? I am already wearing a ring on my hand’ making the crowd go wild. She then introduced her boyfriend to the crowd calling him ‘honey’ asking him to come on stage.

When Dawn went up and she explained the situation to him, Dawn cutely protested and said, ‘who’s hitting on my girlfriend?’ many in the crowd raised their hands, he also lifted up his finger to show off the ring and said, ‘don’t you see this?’

Check out the adorable video below!

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