HyunA Scares Fans After Posting Pictures With Her Bruised Legs

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HyunA gave her fans a good scare for a couple of seconds with her a new post she shared to her Instagram!

HyunA posted a couple of photos of herself to Instagram on February 13, in the photos she’s sitting down, she’s wearing a thick blazer and shorts. Her legs can be clearly seen and they have bruises all over them.


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The bruises scared fans, HyunA had a sad look on her face but the post had no captions, fans were quick to comment on things such as,

“please be careful sweetie pie )): and take care of those marks on your legs okay?”

“Hyuna your knees are you okey? Please stay healthy.”

“what happened to your knees babe ??”

“Those knees girl, ouch!”

“Wear knee caps when you dance.  don’t hurt yourself.”

Shortly after fans remembered another post she uploaded to her Instagram, it was a video of her and Wonder Girls’ member Yenny. The two shared the dance room for a cover of Taylor Swift “Look What You Made Me Do.”

In the video, she’s wearing the same outfit she posed with her bruises. The dance was intense and HyunA can be seen getting into the ground and slamming her legs and knees to it.

This explains the reason for her bruises. She danced too hard and it led to this. She was probably showing fans the bruises she got from the dance practice with Yenny.

Check out the dance cover below:


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