HyunA Expresses Her Love For Her Fans Again Gifting Them With Jackets This Time

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HyunA had previously made headlines everywhere for her kind heart.

She previously gifted her fans with luxury brands as a thank you for coming and cheering her on while she promoted on music shows. The luxury gifts made headlines and even attracted fake fans who tried to fake their way to get their hands on those gifts.

Luckily, P-Nation took swift action to prevent it from happening.

On November 16, HyunA showed fans just how much she cares about them again. Those who came to November 16 shooting of “MBC Music Core” were gifted with a special tribute of down jackets of a brand she has been the model for years.

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She gave out jackets in different sizes, lengths, and colors to her fans so they could choose the one that suit their taste better. Not only that, but she took selfies with their phones and put stickers on their hands, she spent quality time with her fans to show her appreciation.

Many Korean fans shared videos and photos of this, check them out below:

HyunA also personally shared photos of with her fans, check them out below:


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아잉 감기조심💜🌼🌼🌼

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What do you think of HyunA’s actions?

My Personal Thoughts

Personally speaking, I wasn’t that into HyunA before the entire dating controversy occurred. Back then, I knew of her but didn’t pay much attention to her, she caught my attention for the way she handled the controversy.

Since then, I became a fan and rooted for her and Hyojong. I love seeing their photos on instagram, it gives me hope that one day, more idols will be able to be just as open as them.

I think I understand the reason she’s spending so much on her fans. She probably thought she lost many of them when the dating news came out and as a token of appreciation; she gifted those who stuck by her side and came to cheer her on with luxury brands.

The idol-fan culture in South Korea differs, fans usually spend so much on their idols, we rarely get to see idols express their appreciation this directly to fans and for free. I think it’s a good idea to give back to those who stuck by her side, taking photos with them that would’ve otherwise cost money is also a proof of how kind she is in real life.

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