Hyun Bin Reported To Have Returned Back Home To Be By Son Ye Jin’s Side During The ChildBirth Amid Filming For Upcoming Movie

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Previously, it was reported that Hyun Bin could not stay with his wife Son Ye Jin during the birth of their child due to filming for an upcoming movie abroad, but its now been reported that the actor had returned back home and stayed with his wife during the special moment.

On November 27, Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin’s agencies said, “Son Ye Jin gave birth today. Both the mother and the baby are healthy.”

Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin married in March, and after eight months, they welcomed their newborn son, who was born in the year of the tiger, in their arms. The actress announced that she was due in December, but she gave birth earlier than scheduled.

Since Hyun Bin is currently filming the movie “Harbin,” it was reported that he was originally staying in Mongolia and could not be with Son Ye Jin, who recently gave birth, but Hyun Bin had already returned back to his home country Korea. He returned to Korea on November 26 after filming on the site.

Hyun Bin had expressed his feelings about Son Ye Jin’s pregnancy and becoming a prospective father during an interview for the movie “Confidential Assignment 2: International,” which was released in September. Hyun Bin shared, “I just don’t feel it yet. When I asked around, they said that it usually feels real when you see the child in front of you. I think so, too. I am waiting for the child with a good heart because (Son Ye Jin’s pregnancy) is a great blessing.”

Congratulations to the beautiful couple on the birth of their child!

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