Hyorin Revealed To Be The Real Reason Behind SISTAR Disbandment

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The breakup of one of the most famous second generation girl groups left many feeling sad and empty.

The breakup of SISTAR took fan by surprise and the girls held their final comeback stage yesterday on a music show, they thanked fans for being there and are now officially soloists.

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Finally the fans know the reason for the breakup as it has been revealed by Starship entertainment.

As reported by Segyo Ilbo, the rule was that if one of the SISTAR members wanted to leave the group, the group would disband.

A rep from the agency revealed the member who wanted to lead a solo career was Hyorin, she had a strong desire to lead a solo career.

The rep said:

“Now or later, her wish will be the same even if they promote as a girl group for several more years. I think that’s why she brought up the courage to disband.”

Hyorin is one of the best vocalists currently active in the kpop industry and can lead a solo career at ease. She wanted to expand it and the agency has decided to respect the singer wishes and allow the group to disband.

As stated earlier, Hyorin, Bora and Soyou will lead singing careers, while Dasom will focus on acting for now.

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My Reaction

If you can lead a happy solo career then why be attached to other people who would possibly tamper with your future?

This is what I think Hyorin had in mind, eventually all of our favorite groups will breakup and its members will lead solo careers, SISTAR members can carry on as soloist with ease.

All the members can either sing or act or both, the girls ventured out into solo path while still a part of SISTAR and succeed, so why keep going with a group forever?

There is nothing wrong with thinking that way, I would have thought and decided the same if I was in Hyorin’s place. They ended their promotions together on a happy note.

But if any of the members knew that she wouldn’t succeed easily without the group, I think it wouldn’t have been so easily brought up or done, the girls were confident enough they could carry on alone.

I wish all the SISTAR ex-members the best, I am looking forward to their solo careers.

Are you still sad about the disbandment news? Tell me how you feel about this in the comment section below!

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