Hyolyn Shows Off Her Cool Tattoo, Fans Recall The Special Meaning Behind The Tattoo

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Singer Hyolyn has coolly showed off her abs and tattoo recently.

On May 12, Hyolyn posted on her Instagram photos wearing the costume stage for her most recent performance on “Queendom 2.”

In the photos, fans can see her famous stomach tattoo and her abs.

Many fans then began to recall the story behind why Hyolyn got the tattoo in the first place.

In the past, Hyolyn talked about why she got the tattoo, she revealed that she suffered from various health issues as a child. She was born with ascites [abnormal fluid buildup in the abdomen] and was placed in an incubator immediately after her birth. Later, she was diagnosed with pediatric cancer and biliary atresia.

She got surgery and a year later ended up having another surgery for intussusception [a serious condition in which part of the intestine folds into itself]. The surgeries left her with a scar.

Hyolyn then got the idea to cover up her scars with a tattoo, she picked one that could cover up the entire scar, a cross tattoo.

Hyolyn says she developed confidence after getting that tattoo.

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