HYBE Reportedly Not Even Considering Removing Kim Garam From LE SSERAFIM + Reportedly Met The Alleged Victim Lawyers

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This recent report from a Korean news outlet is angering some fans of LE SSERAFIM even more than they already are, but why?

Kim Garam is one of the most-talked-about kpop idols at the moment for her bullying scandal that continues to get out of control despite all the attempts by HYBE and Source Music to control the situation. Also, despite the fact that HYBE has continuously stated they will be taking legal action against rumors and slander and have been in the process of doing so since April.

Recently, HYBE released a detailed report of what they claim to have happened in the case of LE SSERAFIM’s Kim Garam bullying controversy.

Their statement was a response to the statement released by the law firm of the alleged victim Yoo Eun-seo [not her real name]. HYBE stuck to their guns and said Kim Garam is the victim and innocent of all of this. Despite that, many were not happy with their statements.

HYBE was even forced to issue further clarification in relation to Kim Garam’s school violence committee sentence after a source from the Ministry of Education itself issued a response. Their response relates to the case of Kim Garam and it contradicts what HYBE claims.

Despite HYBE continuous explanations, the days that followed their statement defending Kim Garam have seen a rise in more posts with additional claims made against her.

Instead of the issue dying down, it became worse with more people coming out with stories about Kim Garam and her past. There have been at least three new stories that accuse Kim Garam of being a bully and all-around unpleasant young student in middle school. None of these claims have been addressed by HYBE or verified.

Ever since more and more fans of the group have been demanding her dismissal. Fans argue she’s already brought a lot of bad press to LE SSERAFIM and hindered their blossoming careers. Over on Weverse, many fans who are subscribers of their channel uploaded posts demanding she departs the group.

However, this recent report by Joongang Daily is angering fans for what it states about how HYBE plans on handling this matter.

According to the media outlet, HYBE has no plans to remove Kim Garam, an industry representative accepted an interview with the news outlet to relay this piece of information.

Added to that, it was also reported that HYBE has already met up with Daeryun Law, the representative legal firm for an alleged victim of Kim Garam. They’re reportedly in discussion to settle this out of court.

This can also explain why we haven’t heard from the law firm because they had previously threatened HYBE of releasing the actual school violence committee report if they continue to frame Kim Garam as the victim.

What are your thoughts on this?

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