HYBE’s Decision To Remain Silent Regarding BTS V And BLACKPINK Jennie Dating Rumors Proves To Be A Controversial Approach, Was It The Right One?

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BTS V and BLACKPINK Jennie Dating Rumors have rocked the Korean entertainment industry ever since a photo went viral last night.

Up until YG’s response, fans have been debating whether its an edit, some were convinced it is while others believed it was real.

On May 24, YG Entertainment actually responded to the dating rumors of V and Jennie, but their response was met with shock because its not what either fandom had been anticipating.

YG said, “We have nothing to say. We will inform you if we have a different response to share.”

While YG is no stranger to flat-out refusing to comment on dating news, their response shocked fans especially since many BLINKs argue the dating rumors have led to a rise in attacks against Jennie and they had expected a different type of response.

To compare it to another member dating news, BLACKPINK Jisoo was recently involved in dating rumors, however, back then, YG flat out denied the rumors and asked fans to refrain from ‘spreading groundless rumors,’ so what makes Jennie’s dating rumors any different?

Setting YG’s response aside, HYBE’s lack of response is concerning a lot of fans. Following YG’s response, some fans began to re-evaluate what they had thought and some began to lean into the theory that it might actually be true after all.

BTS V has been falsely linked to many women in the past, most recently, he was linked to a chaebol woman. In October of 2021, he was spotted with a particular woman walking around an exhibit. Photos of that spread quickly on social media. HYBE released a swift response that put the rumors to rest. They denied it.

Even with other BTS members, HYBE has always swiftly responded to media inquiries and shut down any dating rumors including any other member.

So what makes this one any different?

Some fans believe HYBE is trying a new approach. Some welcomed it as no one should be asking whether a BTS member is dating or not, while others think its for the better they either deny or confirm in order to curb the hate and speculations that would rise from the lack of a response.

What do you think of this?


  1. They should continue with the “not confirm or deny”. And whenever possible don’t say anything at all. If some fans have a full blown meltdown because our boys and girls are finding warmth, companionship, shared interests, fun and comfort with each other it’s as much BTS and BLACKPINK’s basic human right to choose what kind of relationship they want.

    The ones that shout, cry, stalk, throw hateful, hurtful words are not true fans. They are control fans. They want their kpop groups to fallow the road they want to lead them on because they may find that one fan out of 20 or 30 million. But of course every one of those 30 million fans expect that they’ll be “the one”.

    If the companies stop engaging in the confirm or deny game the push back from those radical fans will start to slow down because they’ll begin to realize that a personal life is what every person needs. And they lose nothing by allowing them to have some time to their selves. As a matter of fact they possibly could offer us more wonderous things.

    They are grown men and women yet in the heads of many they are boys. And more specifically they are my boys. How selfish to deny them dates, romance, marriage, kids because it’s not you.

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