HYBE Receives Immense Backlash For The Preparation For BTS Jin’s 1st Post-Military Event, The Hug Event, Here Is Why

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BTS Jin is jumping right into work after his military discharge but its been met with severe backlash by ARMY who are furious at HYBE’s planning of the event.

Recently, HYBE announced that Jin will hold a hug event upon his military discharge and the event will be held on June 13.

HYBE received backlash for this event for several reasons, the 1st being how the initial criteria were that fans would have to purchase as many albums as possible within the period of June 2 to June 6.

Fans were against this because despite the fact that its technically a free event, fans say HYBE is attempting to boost album sales and profit from this event. In addition, it does not count those who have bought albums before. Not to mention the environmental impact of purchasing a lot of albums too.

Upon the initial backlash, HYBE said it would come up with an alternative method asap and apologized to fans in an official statement.   

After this, HYBE announced the newly changed criteria, now fans who have already purchased albums through the Weverse shop also can apply for it. But, fans still don’t like that HYBE didn’t change the requirement about how purchasing more albums could lead to more chances.

Per the event, Jin is scheduled to hug 1000 persons and despite HYBE adjusting the requirements, many worry about Jin too. Having to hug 1000 people is a lot and it could also expose him to dangers.

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  1. This is serious, they should prioritize the artist’s health and safety first, Jin will be discharge at 12 and just after discharge he have to start work this is not good for him.

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