How Minzy’s Dream Of A Better Solo Career Following Departure From YG Was Shattered By Her New Agency

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Former 2NE1 member Minzy was the first of her group to officially leave YG Entertainment following her contract expiration.

Back in 2016, YG Entertainment announced Minzy’s departure from the group and stated that 2NE1 would carry on as a trio before announcing the group disbandment in November of that same year.

Fans were pretty upset about Minzy’s lack of solo activities while she was under the agency and were happy to hear news of her new beginnings as a solo artist under a new agency called The Music Works.

Minzy has signed an exclusive contract with The Music Works not too long following her departure from YG. She debuted as a soloist in April of 2017. However, she hasn’t released any music in Korea following her solo debut; she did release a solo in English back in December of 2018. Fans were curious about whats going on with Minzy and we finally have an answer.

The first sign of trouble was noticed by fans in October of 2019, it was reported that Minzy was in dispute with her agency, she had requested to suspend her contract. Back then, neither the agency nor Minzy commented.

However, two days ago it was revealed that the court denied Minzy request for an injunction to suspend her exclusive contract with The Music Works. This meant that her contract still stands with them and she remains a part of their agency.

Minzy finally broke her silence on December 4 through an official statement explaining her situation.

She wrote,

“I think I need to start a new legal dispute with my company and it won’t be a short one. At the time I signed the contract, my agency promised me at least 4 albums a year and to provide support as much as possible, but in the last four years I have only released one album, and I have rarely been provided support for my activities. The statement of accounts has never been shown not even one single time, and I didn’t receive even a won of profits.

More than money, its important for me to be able to continue my activities as a singer. So I wanted to resolve the contract quickly with my company either by settling it or through an injunction, but it didn’t go smoothly, so now I can only take legal action in order for the truth to be revealed.

At least for my fans who have always supported me and cheered for me, I will handle this with strength and overcome it.

I promise you to always show confidence both on and off the stage.”

Fans were furious after reading Minzy’s post, many demanded the agency release her from her contract, they hadn’t been aware of how bad the situation truly was, they had hoped for Minzy to receive the support she deserves as an artist.

To have her dreams of a steady solo career shattered only angered fans even more. The Music Works hasn’t even released a statement to address her post as of this writing.


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