How Does Lee Hi Feel About Making A Comeback During YG’s Scandalous Controversies?   

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Lee Hi has finally made her first comeback in three years, however, the comeback timing was an issue of concern to many fans. 

YG Entertainment is currently suffering from what could possibly be one of their worst times, the founder if embroiled in controversy because of suspicion of prostitution mediation as reported by MBC “Straight.” 

Lee Hi sat down for an interview on May 30 to talk about her new mini album “24℃.” The singer was about how she felt to be coming back at a time where her agency is embroiled in many controversies. She said, 

“I think the agency’s issues are different and separated from my comeback, this is why I am not upset about it.

Since it’s my first album in a long time, I believe that fans will be able to enjoy my music separate from the issues.” 

She concluded her statement with a simple,  

“Thank you for always waiting for  me.” 

Lee Hi has topped major Korean music charts shortly after her album release.  

What do you think of her answer?  

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My Personal Thoughts 

What employee will say ‘uhm ya I am bothered by my company’? No one guys, no one! 

I became familiar with Lee Hi after she cried on TV and asked Yang Hyun Suk for a comeback. Since then he had been pestered by fans for her album and now she finally came back. I feel sorry for her.  

Netizens are extremely displeased with Yang Hyun Suk and YG already, they have been through so many awful things this year and many of the issues are their own doing, I.e. the tax evasion investigation and the Yang Hyun Suk controversy.  

I understand why at such times they agency would move ahead with comebacks and make the intervals between them even shorter.  

They need to please the shareholders. The stock price is low and it took a hit when the news about Yang Hyun Suk was announced. From a business POV, you need to prove the shareholders that your company is still capable of paying back and making money during such a turbulent time, and this means giving artists comebacks more frequently so they make money so they can prove their worth. 

WINNER and BLACKPINK failed to snag a perfect all-kill (#1 on daily and weekly charts) on the charts because the comeback dates clashed with other HUGE names, they were able to top the real-time charts but they couldn’t manage to hold their positions as well as they have in 2018 (I have been monitoring the charts).  

Its surreal to see how a huge company is struggling to dominate when looking back just a year ago, it was a totally different story. 

I just feel sorry for everyone in YG! 

Whats your reaction to this article?

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