How BIGBANG T.O.P And Gdragon Changed The Way They Communicate Because Of Seungri’s Controversies

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Netizens with sharp sense have managed to notice something that might be considered small in the grand scheme of things but it’s actually a result of Seungri’s controversy.

Recently, BIGBANG T.O.P uploaded a story to Instagram; the post is a screenshot of his chatlog with Gdragon. He discussed a painting he received from Gdragon, he jokes around saying the painting isn’t his style and that he’s going to sell it on a secondhand online shop.

The cute interaction is making fans very happy. They’re glad to see BIGBANG members interacting often following their military discharge.

However, there is more to this post than meets the eye, if you notice the screenshot, you’ll realize they’re not using the widely used Korean messaging app Kakaotalk. Instead, they’re using Telegram, another messaging app that focuses on speed and most importantly security. The set of security features Telegram offers is highly praised by its users.

Although it might not seem like a big deal, most Koreans are comfortable using Kakaotalk, but if you’ve been keeping up with the news since March 2019 you probably associate Kakaotalk with Jung Joon Young controversy.

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The entire controversy started because Jung Joon Young Kakaotalk’s messages got leaked to news outlets that proceeded to uncover some of the deepest Kpop controversies, it was also heavily associated with Seungri because it initiated investigations into a lot of things later on.

It seems that T.O.P and Gdragon no longer trust Kakaotalk, netizens believe they’re using Telegram because it offers better security features, it offers both encryptions and secret chats.

It seems that this huge controversy truly changed the way idols interact and work.

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