Hong Suk Chun Says Hara’s Mother Asked Him For A Photo At Her Funeral Corroborating Her Brother’s Story

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Netizens are even more furious after hearing what TV personality Hong Suk Chun said about Hara’s mother.

Hara’s older brother has been vocal about his ongoing dispute with his mother on Hara’s inheritance. He opened up about the difficult childhood they led because they were abandoned by their mother when Hara was only 9 years old.

One of the things the brother talked about was how his mother asked celebrities for photos at her daughter funeral, and how she even recorded him during the funeral and demanded half the inheritance. Netizens were furious with how terrible the mother was acting during her daughter’s funeral.

Hong Suk Chun is the first celebrity to confirm the brother’s story. On April 13 episode of Channel A’s “Rumors Has It,” he revealed that on the first day of Hara’s memorial, a random person greeted him happily asking for a handshake,

“She said, ‘you’re someone I saw on TV, can I take a photo with you? I politely turned her down.”

He says while he was at his seat, this person kept coming back and forth and when he asked who that was, he was told it was Hara’s mother. But that’s not the only terrible thing she did at the funeral, Hong Suk Chun also revealed that she was openly discussing properly and wealth issues in a voice that could be heard right there at the funeral home, he says family and people around her all heard her talking about it and were probably worried about that.

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