Honey J Of Mnet’s “Street Woman Fighter” Reveals The Identity Of Her Fiance On “I Live Alone”

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Honey J from the famous show “Street Woman Fighter” has revealed the identity of her husband for the first time ever on MBC’s “I Live Alone.”

Previously, Honey J announced a new start by joining the agency More Vision, and later surprised fans by revealing she’s getting married and is pregnant. In a later statement by her agency, it was revealed the couple will tie the knot on November 4.

During the most recent episode of “I Live Alone,” the dancer introduced her fiance named Jung Dam. He appeared briefly while she was shooting with her mother in matching wedding dresses at a photo studio. The groom-to-be brought flowers to both of them. The cast of “I Live Alone” noted how handsome he looked.

You can check out the clip below!

Many congratulations to the couple!

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