Heechul’s Explanation To Why He Didn’t Deny Gay Rumors Earns Him Respect From The LGBTQ+ Community

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Super Junior Heechul has shared his thoughts about why he chose to not deny rumors about being gay in his early career days.

On the recent episode of JTBC’s variety show “7.7 Billion in Love” the hosts and panel discussed how different countries deal with sexual minorities, Heechul spoke up about his own experience with the rumors of being gay for many years.

Heechul explained,

“As many of you are already aware of this, since my early debut days there have been endless rumors about me being gay. I’ve also had ‘scandals’ with male celebrities too.

They were a lot of rumors about me being gay because since my debut I had long hair and wore colored lenses.”

He then explains why he decided not to deny it,

“At first, I wanted to deny and say I wasn’t gay, however, I felt that if I did, I could be inconsiderate of sexual minorities.

Whether it’s abroad or in Korea, there could be a gay person among our male fans at our concerts, I think it would feel so sorry towards them if I did that.”

His kind comments caught the attention of fans, many pointing out how thoughtful and deep his thought was.

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