Hashtag Demanding EXO Chen Leave The Group Top Twitter Trends In South Korea, Other EXO-Ls Trend This As A Response

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EXO-Ls are doing their best after spotting hashtags demanding EXO Chen leave the group trend in twitter Korea.

EXO Chen had personally revealed that he’s getting married to his non-celebrity girlfriend and that they’re expecting a baby soon last night. The shocking news quickly became the top trending news in South Korea with contrasting opinions from Korean EXO-Ls, some believe he’s betraying the team and affecting them with his announcement while others are sending him congratulatory messages.

As of January 14 (KST), Some Korean EXO-Ls began trending #김종대_탈퇴해 which means (Kim Jong Dae_leave the group), it has over 66,000 tweets as of this writing. International EXO-Ls have been trying to do damage control and spam this hashtag with positive messages letting it unknowingly rise even higher on Korea trends on twitter.

As a response to the hate Chen has been receiving for announcing his marriage news, other Korean and international EXO-Ls began trending this hashtag #엑소지켜 which means ‘protect EXO.’ Fans have been doing their best trending this hashtag instead to show Chen how much they love and care for him and how much they want him to be a part of this group. Its currently the number one top trending hashtag on twitter Korea.

Fans are scared that Chen would see the trending hashtags and be shocked. Many Korean EXO-Ls have expressed their thoughts on his sudden marriage news and why they believe he should leave EXO not to cause them harm, however, there are other Korean and international EXO-Ls who strongly disagree; here are some of their tweets:

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What do you think of this situation?

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  1. I’m sorry but WHAT? There is people who wants Chen to leave EXO because he is… Happy? You must be kidding me, right? How dare them call themselves fans??? I mean, should we not be happy that he found someone with who he wants to spends his life with?

    He is 28 for f*ck’s sake! He can do whatever he wants. Then, those ‘fans’ which are more ‘stupid’ for me, they claim that ‘It would be better for EXO’. Excuse me? Better? Are you saying it’s better for Chen to leave EXO, his brothers with whom he spent a really important part of his life with? This group which is a family and for whose slogan is ‘WE ARE ONE’? Are you really thinking that this family will be better and happier when their brother leave? Because of stupid and naive people who can’t realize they stands no chance? I’m sorry but wake up!

    He will marry a woman he loves, he will be a wonderful father so get your asses off of his business. Real fans should wish him a happy and healthy marriage and a good health for his futur son, not trying to make him leave one of bis family.

    You should all reflects on your stupidity and stop trying to ruin his carreer because of your stupid jealousy. And your argument of ‘He made a baby without being married’? Please, in which era are we? I don’t think it was something which happened like… ‘Hop’. It was a decision and the people saying he isn’t doing the right thing. Sorry? He will marry her! He is taking his responsabilities. He is a grown up man who can be happy. Why should he leaves and apologize? For beig happy?

    Please, you are all pathetic thinking like this. Go cry into your plushies and stop calling yourself ‘EXO-L’ when you only think to you and not EXO. Tsss, stupid.

    1. I totally agree. Chen getting hate for THAT is ridiculous. Like excuse me but if you’re a real fan, you wouldn’t want a member to leave because of your jealousy. Anyways, let’s all protect Chen and EXO for them to stay together! ❤️

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