Hashswan Sympathizes With Jungkook Inability To Refute His Dating Rumors, Asks ARMY and His Fans To Stop Fighting

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Hashswan has words of wisdom to share with his fans and ARMY!

It’s been a couple of days since Hashswan unexpectedly became involved in the malicious BTS Jungkook dating rumor which Big Hit firmly denied. Previously, a photo of a man who hugged a woman from behind surfaced, that man was rumored to be Jungkook, some ARMY tried to divert attention away from Jungkook and onto Hashswan.

First, Hashswan denied that it was him the photo; he later posted a statement asking people to stop harassing him and to stop leaving awful malicious comments attacking him for getting involuntarily involved in this mess.

On September 18, Hashswan took to instagram again; he held a Live session to ask his fans and ARMY to stop fighting,

“I was hurt in the past, but I don’t think it’s something that fans should be fighting over. I am fine now.

I feel guilty seeing fans fight among themselves. We’ve already figured out the situation, it’s all over now. Let’s not fight.”

He also added that he believes those who keep instigating these fights aren’t even real ARMY; he says those who hurt him and harassed him with DMs aren’t true fans anways,

“This was a problem that was created by a minority who aren’t even real BTS fans.”

He touched many people’s hearts with another thing he highlighted during the Live session, he asked people to be considerate of Jungkook’s feelings who must’ve been going through a difficult time after these malicious rumors,

“I got hit by a stone out of nowhere when I wasn’t even doing anything. But I also received many apologizes as well.

I think that Jungkook must be as upset as I am and going through a difficult time as well. But due to his job, even if he had wanted to say something, he wouldn’t be able to express it.

Idols and rappers are different. It doesn’t matter to me if I say what I wish and my image gets damaged, but Jungkook isn’t free to express himself [like me].”

He ended with a simple yet powerful statement,

“Let’s end this. I don’t know if you’re trying to protect him or because you hate other artist’s fans, but let’s stop now.”

What do you think of what he said?

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My Personal Thoughts

This entire thing was a mess that was blown out of proportions since it began. I think the major reason for that was just how big and popular Jungkook is. Many of his fans wouldn’t fathom the idea that he might actually date someone or be around females.

I don’t get it, even if he was friendly with a woman, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re dating, I mean he can be friends with them, did fans expect that he locked himself in a room and didn’t see anyone during his break? Isn’t he a young man allowed to go out and have fun? It’s just sad how pathetic some are, and worse, just how delusional they can be.

I know a little about Hashswan because I watch Show me the money, but I never really paid attention to him. He seems like a bright individual. Believe me, you don’t know how awful it is to be attacked by a huge fandom, I‘ve been there. Forget the threats I received and the awful comments calling me all sorts of names for simply stating an opinion, this was a dating rumor; Hashswan must’ve been through even worse.

I really like what he stated about the difference between rappers and idols. It’s true, rappers get away with a lot more because they aren’t considered mainstream, netizens don’t hold them up to higher standards either.

I just hope that people act mature and stop with this nonsense. I just fear the day Dispatch decides to release BTS dating news (if it happens at all), it’ll be hell then.

Whats your reaction to this article?

By Kevin Miller

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      1. I really feel so sad. Both Jungkook and Hashswan must be going through hard times by the rude people who consider them as ARMYs. I really fell sad. Hashswan could tell his opinion to the people but Jungkook is not in a position where he could tell the ARMYs. I feel pity for both of them. There is one who was dragged into this matter who was not really related to this and was left by malicious comments. And there is one who can’t express his feelings to the ARMYs or the people to make them know what mistake they are doing. I hope this will be over so that both of them can carry on with their lives peacefully.


        1. Well in tat case u shouldn’t even bother to comment like LMAO girls do u even know how to read? .. it’ll won’t be a surprise if u don’t…coz clearly he is defending Jungkook and trying to settle the conflict between the 2 fandom….read twice before u say anything…

          1. Anything that had already happen or going to happen ahead i just want people to be more matured and have more considerations on things…we’ll see the time where we get the legit dating news of the 7 members and lets see which are the real ARMYs or just wannabe ARMYs

        2. As much as I admirer & love BTS, I’m intelligent enough 2 know that any star/idol are human beings first with desires & feelings. Yes, we all have our favorite idols (from Michael Jackson & Prince to BTS & other Kpop artists), but we must not become so dysfunctional & delusional. As humans, we can become protective over people we love or think we love emotionally. When it comes to your fantasies about these idols, you can’t let these illusions & feelings over take reality…although famous, they still have needs & wants. Besides, you are worlds apart. Every female (young & older) even some males fantasize about being with BTS, NCT, EXO, SHINEE, etc., but they live in South Korea with their own lives…it would be nice but let’s keep it real. If it’s meant to be, it will happen. Just remember, these stars/idols don’t belong to us…they’re entertainers with lives who have lots of fans. So if you hear or see them out with someone, so what, it is what it is, you’re not their wife or husband…get you life.

    1. Are you actually dumb? He is not taking bad about Jungkook he is taking facts. Jungkook can’t defend himself in this situation it will effect his image, he is an idol bts or no he is still an idol who has 0 freedom to say or do as he pleases. This dude is telling people to stop harassing him and think of Jungkook’s feelings during this scandal. You actually think he is taking bad about him? Are you blin?

    2. I don’t think you understand what the article and the issue is about. He is not at all bashing Jungkook. He is only defending himself from hate comments that are related to Jk’s fake dating situation. I hope my comment helped you understand a little 🙂

    3. Hashswan isn’t trying to provoke Jungkook. If you just tried reading his statements twice, then you’ll understand. But if you’re not, You don’t deserved to be called ‘intelligent’ by other people who described you.

    4. @Airy Wow. You’re world class stupid. He was defending JK saying that it must be hard on JK not being able to defend himself against these rumors, whereas it’s a bit easier for him to make s statement and defend the situation about his involuntary involvement. It’s “fans” like you who’s starting unnecessary fights and hate between artists. SMH

    5. Oh shut up,he was just sympathizing with Kook. He’s not even saying something disrespectful while you dumb people are attacking him for nothing. Seriously just how pathetic you people will get? If the boys want to date,they will. You are just a fan, nothing more nothing else. So stop your delusional self from hoping for something that’ll never happen. Like Seriously? You people dragged that poor guy into the mess and you expect him to keep his mouth shut? Lol No. Just leave people alone, don’t you people have a life?!?

      1. Honestly, yall need to grow up. JUNGKOOK IS A WHOLE GROWMNN MAN. All of you who are stressed about what he is doing shows so much ignorance, a man that has no idea who you are. This man will one day have a girlfriend and will one day get married and there’s nothing you can do about it. And if you try, you will only be playing yourself and your “love” for him was never real to begin with. So, Jungkook and the rest of the members. Live your life! I am excited to see what your future holds and i can’t wait to see the beauty of your life unfold. Whether it be career wise, romantic wise, spiritually wise. You go after your hearts desires! I appreciate Hashswan speaking out!!

        1. #Airy you are either the stupidest person ever on planet Earth or the dumbest person ever on planet Earth or the most ignorant person ever on planet Earth or you can’t read/ blind or you can read but your brain is too small to comprehend whatever you read.
          Let me educàte you.

          Firstly he was asking fans to lay off Jungkook hence protecting him something you’ve never done before or thought of doing ever so who is more worthy of speaking of Jungkook.

          Secondly while you are probably a 70 year old coach potato/ nobody that no one cares about or no of. He is a rapper with a good amount of fan whom is far more worthy to talk of Jungkook than him . Infact if we go by your very stupid reasoning you should be jailed for even commenting on him speaking about Jungkook. You are not even worthy to speak about him yourself so shut the freak up.

          PS: I usually never comment on these types of post but your ignorance murdered me to the point of insanity.

        2. Hun…. Where is your thinking ability…he is human just like JUNGKOOK so don’t be putting that “oh who is he to talk about someone like him” on this… Feelings, friendships are involved… And he didn’t say anything wrong… It’s true jungkook can’t express his feelings as he wants to… His friends are getting insulted by ARMYS ..immature ones for a matter of fact because he backed hug her… HE’S HUMAN just like each and every single one of us… We put that title world wide famous on stars the day we wanted to show them off to they world …so If A STAR Hashswan himself (since we gonna be talking about “Popularity” here) can’t talk to him or about him..THEN who the heck are we ?

    6. You the one who’s not qualified to talk about anything in this matter. I don’t care if you really are 12 yo girl or what, but use your braincells, but you can see Hashswan means nothing bad on his statements

    7. Are you stupid? Or did your incompetent ass not pay attention in school? I thought everyone learn to read the whole situation before jumping to conclusions. You, my nonexistent friend needs to stop stirring trouble. YOU’RE one of the reason.

    8. Well you are the one should think properly.
      Jungkook always said that Jeon Jungkook is lone wolf and nothing if compared to Jungkook.
      It is because the eye keep watching every his action .Not only that , he always insecure about his private life because too much time he need to spend to live as Jungkook of BTS. The rumour just add salt to his wounds of insecurities. I love when this artist stand up for him .I mean WHAT’S WRONG WITH HE BE FRIEND WITH FEMALE?? There are not laws state not to do so. Even international laws don’t state as well. AS ARMY ,I am embarrassed with some fan’s action. Do you know that the woman that rumour dated with him just lost her job just because nonsense thing? What Jungkook will feel when he heard his friend lost job just because him .Of course He feel down about it.

  1. Really now? Is that how low you can think. That poor fellow is just giving out his opinions and is clearly upset also not ignoring the fact that he understands what jungkook is going through right now in this case. There is no such thing as “world class” what jungkook is right now is from his hard work, and what hashswan is now is from his hard work, you don’t get the right to degrade someone. I’m an army and i support what he said. And for the fact you don’t”need” to become a qualified person to stand up for someone or talk to someone.

    1. I feel so bad because i couldn’t even do anything the only thing i could of did was try to calm the situation down and distract some army’s from it honestly i’m scared one day when bts do start dating or if they come out that they are dating that some army’s will start sending that other person hate, but i will also be happy because it can push some of the toxic ones the ones that aren’t even fans of bts out of the fandom so i’m praying and waiting on that day when they come out and say they are dating someone and i hope it goes really well and that some army’s accept that they are humans too and they can date whoever they want just like how we can date whoever we want.

  2. Please don’t be act like foolish that Telling about JK that real army doesn’t make this rumors only the haters please it’s request from all the armies don’t make any rumors about not only the JK for all BTS team

  3. I completely agree, this whole thing has gotten way out of hand and it needs to come to an end. He wasn’t being disrespectful by asking people to stop the nonsense. The rumors were denied and it’s not our business to know if they were true. If we’re true fan and supporters it wouldn’t matter to us as long as they’re happy. It’s time for everyone to put it to rest and carry on with our own PERSONAL lives and stop trying to have a say in someone else’s.

  4. well i also think that if you are a fan you should be supporting jungkook he did not do anything wrong if you were in the place of jungkook will you not talk with females. can you do that

  5. We dont have the rights to bad mouth anyone of them real army can understand the situation instead of saying nonsense through each party. damn! whatever it takes our JK is still him and why he keeps in silent ? because this is nonsense useless rumors. Bashers always do like this just to full down our JK. but then JK needs our support so be it, lets spread love.

  6. Hashswan is correct, those who are posting malicious stuff about this incident and who attacks Hashswan are probably not real ARMYs. These are just evil people who are out there with just one goal – to destroy BTS. Sad that the situation blew up and hurt so many people in the process. ARMYs care for BTS, they protect BTS but not point guns at others so i agree with BIGHIT, file cases against those who started this malicious issue to serve as a warning.

  7. This is total nonsense and spreading rumors. People should be supporting their idols in any situation, acting mature and responsible. BTS is all about love. People seem to have forgot. Please support The idiols BTS with love.

  8. Over everything else we must know that they are human beings just like us… And real ARMY know that BTS has always been talking about how they r human beings like all of us and they do have all kind of feelings, they get hurt they get tired… they do have families and friends like anybody else… They wish to have normal lives like any one else… If u can’t respect them as human beings u don’t deserve to be their fans as well..

  9. I agree with him. Let’s stop the rumors. Let’s stop posting about this. Talking about this. I also agree it’s only toxic army that does this. Real army should build forests, stream music and close their eyes on all rumours saying that no matter what is it JK we see here.

  10. Thank you to all the sensible people who have commented. BTS is all about love. They are humans. They’ve done so much for us. I respect Hashswan for his actions and I agree with him. Jungkook is a grown man, they all are and they will one day have their partners. As an army I would love if that were to happen because everyone deserves that happiness. Especially them. I would support them and if you are a true Army you would too. We love you Jungkook. We love you BTS.

  11. Can’t we just live peacefully? Why do we need to be so curious about others life? Just focus on your life and I think you’re mature enough to differentiate the bads and goods and which is more important and least important to care. Save your brains to more important things and events in the future. I hope you find your Light. Please don’t talk any brainless thought anymore. To the world, not Just BTS

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