Hanbin Revealed To Have Featured On Epik High Upcoming New Album

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Kim Hanbin (B.I) is coming back through a feature release!

On January 11, Tablo took to his personal social media accounts to unveil the names of the official featuring artists for his group highly anticipated upcoming 10th full-length album.

They had previously revealed that Zico and CL would be participating in the title track and the rest of the lineup has fans jumping in excitement.

According to the image, the featured artists include Woo Won Jae, former iKON leader B.I, G.Soul, MISO, CL, Zico, Heize, Changmo, Nucksal, and Kim Sawol.

This will mark the first time in a long time since fans have heard Hanbin’s voice on an official track. He’s been mostly out of the limelight since his marijuana controversy but has been recently appointed as an executive director at IOK Company. He’s been mostly focusing on volunteer activities with no concrete plans of when to return with music.

The album “Epik High is Here” is set to drop on January 18.

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