Han So Hee Explains How She Got Ready, Her First Experience And More For British Fashion Awards In London In Newly Released Vlog

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W Korea YouTube channel has shared a glimpse of actress Han So Hee at the British Fashion Awards vlog in London where she talks about her first experience, how she got ready, and more.

Recently, a video titled “Han So Hee’s British Fashion Awards Vlog,” which overturned the world with her first visit to London, was released on the official channel of YouTube “W Korea.”

Han So Hee said,

“I’m in London because I was invited to attend the British Fashion Awards as a representative of Korea. Since it’s my first time in London I’m excited but have also heard that it’s very cold in London, but it’s not as cold as I thought so I’m really loving it. I’m looking forward to it a lot and it’s an honor for me to come as South Korea’s representative.”

She then commented about her dress style, explaining, “It’s a color I’ve never worn before. I chose it because I thought it went well with my colorful makeup.”

She also shared about her lip makeup, adding, “I like the color of dried roses, but I think it goes well with the color of the dress, so I made this point on my lips.”

She also revealed a funny episode that happened at an official schedule before on the red carpet. Han So Hee shared,

“There are times when I get stiff in an official schedule and I look different from what I usually do. I think one is the prettiest when one smiles naturally. My first official appearance was at the press conference of the drama “Money Flower,” but I didn’t know how to pose, so I was greeting in 90 degrees pose only, and so there were pictures of me greeting only without showing my face in the article picture. I remember it the most.”

Han So Hee went on to say, “Before, the camera flash used to hurt too much. I’m still nervous every time, but I’m trying not to tremble as naturally as possible.”

Meanwhile, Han So Hee is expecting the release of her new original Netflix series “Gyeongseong Creature.”

Didn’t she look gorgeous in this iconic look?

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