Famous First Generation Idol H.O.T’s Jang Woohyuk Sues Two Former Employees Who Accused Him Of Alleged Verbal And Physical Assault

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Famous First Generation Idol H.O.T’s Jang Woohyuk is embroiled in controversy and its been recently revealed that he has sued two former employees who accused him of mistreatment.

According to police reports, the famous first-generation idol has sued two former employees who worked at his entertainment company on the 7th of July on charges of defamation and obstruction of business due to false rumors.

The two employees had recently posted to online communities alleging that they’ve been verbally abused and assaulted by Jang Woohyuk and were also treated unfairly.

Employee A had worked for the company in 2014, they wrote about how they were forced to buy snacks and beg for water because they weren’t offered meals.

Employee B mentioned a business trip to China that same year and said they were hit on the head with a glove and they kept hearing harsh remarks from Jang Woohyuk. This follows a former trainee C of the company who said they were verbally abused by him in 2016. It was revealed that Jang Woohyuk met C and talked to them and apologized for some of the content. However, his side claims the accusations by A and B are false.

Jang Woohyuk’s agency issued a statement to confirm they’ve met with the former employees and ‘confirmed the rumors spread are not true.’ They also claim the former employees spread this with the aim of slandering him, as a result, they’ve filed a complaint and requested a police investigation to be held. They promised to take legal action against all malicious commenters and anyone who spread false information.

Jang Woohyuk also took to his official fan cafe and said that while he tried to ignore things at first, the false rumors became ‘poisonous’ and he has decided to take legal action as it became harder on him and his fans.

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