Rookie Kpop Group 2Z Member Samples The Last Moments Of George Floyd In His Song Causing Huge Backlash

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Rookie Group 2Z is under fire by international fans for something one of their members had done.

Initially, 2Z was one of the first Kpop groups to publicly voice their support for the Black Lives Matter Movement. They gained a lot of fans and support because of that, but it seems that they have lost it again because of one of their members’ action.

Member Hyunwoong decided it was a good idea to include a sample of George Floyd’s last moments in a song infuriating international fans who called him out for doing so.

After the backlash, Hyunwoong released a personal apology through his Instagram and quickly pulled out the song; this was followed by another apology posted to their group’s official Twitter account.

What do you think of his actions?


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  1. I don’t blame him. He only had some good intentions. He tried to express the act in his music. I don’t think he has done any harm tho!! He even apologised

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