[TRENDING] GOT7’s Yugyeom To Reportedly Join AOMG After His Contract Expires + JYP Issues A Response

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More news about GOT7’s members fate after their contract expiration with JYP is being reported!

As many fans already know, GOT7’s contract with JYP is set to expire in January of 2021 as previously reported.

Previously, it was rumored that Jinyoung would be joining an actors’ agency, JYP stated that they’re still in discussion with him at the time.

On January 6, SpoTV News reported that GOT7 Yugyeom will leave JYP Entertainment and join AOMG once his contract expires and he’s opted out of renewing with his label.

According to the report, Yugyeom has been in contact with various labels in the past months as his contract draws to an end with JYP. It’s been reported that he’s decided to join AOMG and has been meeting up with them.

GOT7 debuted in 2014 and consists of seven members. If each member signs with a different agency, industry insiders report that it’d be difficult to carry out group activities smoothly like before. However, it’s been reported that they’re trying to work out the idea of being able to work as a group even if some of the members join different agencies.

In response to the report, JYP told the news outlet that they’re still in discussion with the members regarding their contracts,

“We are still discussing matters related GOT7’s exclusive contracts from various angles.”

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