GOT7 Youngjae Tells Sasaeng ‘I Am Going To Go Crazy’ As They Continue To Harass Him And Evade His Privacy

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GOT7 Youngjae has had it with Sasaengs (obsessive so-called fans who invade idols’ privacy).

This is not the first time Youngjae has spoken up about it and it seems like it has gotten a lot worse.

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On December 10, Youngjae took to instagram to post a note warning sasaengs, it reads as follows:

“Please, whether you’re a Korean or a foreigner, stop calling me.

If you don’t want to see me go really crazy. You keep calling me all day regardless if its day or night, so I can’t even sleep and I am going crazy. Worried?

You text me, send me kakaoTalk and call me because you’re worried? That gives me more stress and drives me crazier, so stop it.”

Fans are also frustrated with those sasaengs who continue to invade his privacy and cause him pain, he recently took a break from activities due to health issues and the fact that they keep harassing him is frustrating his fans as well.

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What do you think of such behavior?

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  1. I think saseang should really think about their idol not just think about theirselves and being selfish. If they really love them, they should be more caring and not invading their privacy because idols are human too ♡

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