GOT7 JB Directly Responds To Netizens Who Accuse Him Of Being Inactive And Sitting Idly

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GOT7 JB has directly responded to some of the netizens complaints about him and its upsetting GOT7 fans to say the least.

On March 17, GOT7 JB took to his personal Instagram to update his story with a lengthy explanation of what he’s been up to, as it appears to him that many have been accusing him of not doing anything and being inactive.

He wrote,

“Ah, you ask about what I’ve been doing!

I would like to go back to release songs [for the group] so I have been arranging paperwork that is required behind the scenes, the distribution details, studying trademark and copyright laws, transferring, and other business details.

I didn’t sit idly doing nothing.

In a way, you could say I was busiest person behind the scenes.. hehe… just saying….

The work I’ve been doing doesn’t necessary show, but I thought it’d be better to let you know.

I am basically doing everything that a leader is supposed to do hehe.

For your information, I pretty much have no time for myself, hehe.

I guess it time I begin to slowly work on my own stuff now


This upset fans because JB isn’t the type to usually explain himself like this, some believe he must’ve been getting a lot of hurtful messages and comments from those pretending to be fans asking him why he hasn’t been doing anything, many believe its the reason he posted the message.

Youngjae then posted to his instagram story, he said,

“Do not touch our Jaebummie hyung.”

What do you think of this?

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