GOT7 Jackson’s Reaction To Hwasa Sitting On JYP’s Legs At The 2019 MAMA Goes Viral

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GOT7 Jackson is known for making the best reactions and many of his reactions at award shows or variety shows end up going viral, this is exactly what happened at the 2019 Mnet Music Awards (MAMA) today.

On December 4, the best of the best Kpop acts took the stage for the 2019 MAMA bringing amazing performances for the audience at home and at the award ceremony.

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MAMAMOO and Park Jin Young had a collaboration stage at the 2019 MAMA and some of the girls performed some of his hit songs with him on stage. Hwasa and Park Jin Young performed with the legendary plastic pants popularized by Park Jin Young himself. Hwasa brought back the controversial outfit with her hit song “twit” earlier this year.

When the performance ended, Hwasa sat on Park Jin Young’s legs and GOT7 Jackson had the most appropriate reaction to that. Thus, a new meme was born.

Fans can’t stop talking about GOT7 Jackson’s reaction.

Check out the full performance that gave birth to this legendary meme below:

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