Goo Hara’s Agency Releases Official Statement Following Her Tragic Sudden Passing

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Goo Hara’s Agency Production Ogi has released a statement regardingthe passing of Goo Hara.

Goo Hara has been focusing on promoting in japan following her attempted suicide back in May of this year. She hasn’t signed with a Korean agency after she left in January; she signed a contract with a Japanese agency and focused on prompting Japan.

Production Ogi relayed their statement to 8D Creative, a Korean entertainment agency.

Here is the statement:


We are here to deliver tragic unfortunate news.

The bereaved family members of Goo Hara are deeply shocked and anxious at the moment.

Therefore, we sincerely ask you to refrain from spreading rumors and reporting speculations. In addition, we ask of the media and fans to refrain from making condolences calls.

We apologize for relaying the sudden news, and once again sorry for requesting that the media and fans refrain from making condolence calls.”

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Police are currently investigating Goo Hara’s death, they haven’t released any statement aside from confirming the idol-actress has passed away.

Our sincerest condolences to her family and friends.

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  1. A bit late on the….if anyone needs help statement.
    What I find horribly wrong is that Korean Artists are kicked to the curb like yesterday’s trash instead of getting them proper help.

    Pay attention and ask question with caring wanting to help hearts. Seriously is it that hard??!!

    And finally to all the fans that are sooooooo critical……stop badgering your idols that in reality are NOT PERFECT PERIOD. NO ONE IS PERFECT.

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