Golden Child’s TAG To Partially Return To Activities After Taking Hiatus Due To Liver Issues

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Golden Child’s TAG is returning to activities.

Previously, it was reported that TAG had been admitted to the intensive care unit of the hospital on the same day because he began to develop symptoms of acute liver failure. The report also alleges that the idol was in urgent need of a liver transplant. Later, Woollim Entertainment clarified the reports and stated that TAG had indeed gone to the hospital that day, but he was not in a critical condition.

Last month, Woollim Entertainment returned with a new statement to update fans on TAG’s health condition. They stated that he was admitted to the hospital on May 18 due to poor physical condition and underwent a thorough examination. As a result of the initial examination, they stated, ‘the liver was not in a good condition, but it has since improved with continuous examination and treatment.’

As a result, TAG took a hiatus to focus on his health and Golden Child will continue to promote as eight members for the time being. This includes their U.S tour.

On June 27, Woollim Entertainment officially announced that TAG’s health has gotten better and that he would be returning to activities with the exception of group’s overseas activities [this includes their world tour].

Woollim says TAG’s health has improved a lot since last month and after the doctor cleared him, he’s able to participate in promotions. The idol had also expressed his desire to resume activities. Since the artist health is their top priority, he will participate in group’s activities with the exception of those abroad and will join the group’s activities moving forward.

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