Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany’s Manager Tests Positive For The Coronavirus

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It’s been revealed that Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany’s manager Tara Anne, has tested positive for Coronavirus (COVID-19). Tara Anne is Tiffany’s manager for her global promotions.

The manager confirmed that she had been diagnosed with the virus herself via her GoFundMe, which was started by someone she knew. The friend who started the campaign on GoFundMen explains how she developed symptoms,

“Our friend Tara has recently learned she has come down with a case of Covid-19 caused by the Coronavirus strain, which has also resulted in her developing pneumonia as well.

As any of us would assume, this is an unexpected hardship to face physically and financially, which can require a little monetary support to get through it. Tara has played an important role for many musicians and touring artists, ensuring everyone is taken care of and in good spirits. Let’s help with doing the same for her.

This support will help Tara with not being able to work while focusing on recovering and also contribute to a yet unknown amount of medical expenses which have been incurred so far. There will be limitations in health insurance and out of pocket costs for testing including an ER visit and medication costs, upwards of $500 at minimum. There is rent, bills, and a soon to be lack of health coverage on the horizon that monetary support can help supplement.

Now is as great of time as ever to lend a friend a hand if we are in a position to do so- Tara surely would do the same. Thank you!”

— GoFundMe for Tara Anne

Fans of Tiffany have seen her with her manager as she traveled with her around the world. Tiffany has yet to issue a response to the unfortunate news. You can donate to her GoFundMe here.

Stay tuned for updates!

Wishing Tara Anne the best!

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