Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany Signs Exclusive Contract With Domestic Agency 5 Years After Leaving SM

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Singer and actress Tiffany has signed an exclusive contract with a domestic agency after 5 years since leaving SM Entertainment.

 On December 26, the Sublime artist agency said, “We signed an exclusive contract with Tiffany, who has an irreplaceable presence. We’re truly happy to be with Tiffany, who has unlimited influence. We will give full support to show her capabilities in various fields in the future, and we will spare no support for her global activities.”

Tiffany’s exclusive contract was based on a strong loyalty to her long-time manager. It will be the first time in five years that she has signed an exclusive contract with domestic entertainment since she worked under no agency, continuing to accompany her most trusted manager.

Tiffany, who debuted as a member of the group Girls’ Generation, has been called a star by many people for her solid and unrivaled voice and lovely charm, and has been a hot sensation in the music industry every time she releases her album and is a representative of the nickname of “An artist to trust and listen to.” In particular, in August, she performed in her group’s seventh full-length album “Forever 1” to mark the 15th anniversary of Girls’ Generation, showing the true value of the All-Time Legend.

 In 2018, Tiffany, who announced her real name as Tiffany, announced a new start and began her full-fledged activities in the United States. Starting with her successful start as a solo artist by releasing her first solo album “Over My Skin,” he has been building her own musical view by unveiling “Peppermint,” “Born Again,” “Lips On Lips,” and “Magnetic Moon.”

 On top of that, she turned into a musical actor in the role of Roxy in this year’s musical “Chicago” and proved another possibility with a colorful stage that leads the attention of countless audiences, and she also played the role of Rachel, a strong helper in JTBC’s Friday-Saturday drama “Reborn Rich.” In addition, she is expected to join JTBC’s idol survival program as a judge and continue her activities in entertainment programs.

 As such, Tiffany continues to play a wide range of roles with remarkable influence in various fields. She continues to make new attempts without fear of change and a sense of challenge. Global fans’ expectations are rising as she is expected to accelerate her domestic activities through an exclusive contract with the Sublime artist agency.

Are you excited for her future activities?

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