Girls Generation Seohyun Gets A Call From The South Korean President

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Girls Generation Seohyun is one of the lucky few idols to receive a phone call from the South Korean president Moon Jae In for Lunar New Year.

On February 15, it was revealed that the president of South Korea made phone calls to eleven citizens including Girls Generation Seohyun, a young person searching for a job, a public health doctor and a Vietnamese woman who followed her Korean husband to Korea and became a police officer including others.

Girls Generation Seohyun received a call because she recently participated in a historical event, she performed with a North Korean music ensemble.

It is said in the call with Seohyun, the president expressed his gratitude to Seohyun regarding the performance, he said,

“The sight of South and North holding hands and performing together touched hearts all around the world.”

While Seohyun replied saying that she was happy to have taken part in the historical moment.

What an honor! Go Seohyun!

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