Girl’s Day Going Their Separate Ways? Their Agency Issues An Official Response To The Rumors

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Girl’s Day have been the talk of town today, the four talented girls exclusive contract with their label Dream T Entertainment is set to expire soon.

Initial reports by industry insiders claimed that the girls’ contracts are all expiring this year and that they were looking into talent agencies individually wishing to pursue careers in acting.

According to TV Report, Dream T Entertainment issued a statement to explain the situation and denied that the group is disbanding but confirmed that Sojin’s contract is the first to expire and that she will be leaving the agency.

Dream T Entertainment proceeded to explain in an official statement that the rest of the girls (Yura, Hyeri and Minah) still have some time left on their contracts and they’re discussing with each one of them.

Dream T Entertainment will still look into ways the girls can continue to promote as a group despite Sojin’s departure from the agency.

Girl’s Day debuted as a group back in 2010 and renewed their contracts with their label back in 2017; however, they disappeared from the radar in 2018 and didn’t release any music as a group.

Despite Dream T Entertainment official statement on Sojin’s departure and their efforts to seek ways for the group to continue promoting individually, industry insiders say otherwise.

Industry insiders reported that Hyeri’s contract will expire in early August, Yura and Minah’s contracts will expire in September and none of them is planning on staying with the agency, they will be seeking acting management labels according to the insiders.

Girl’s Day is one of the few second-generation Kpop girl groups that are still together and haven’t disbanded yet. Fans would love for the girls to continue promoting as a group together but wish them the best if they decided to promote as soloists only from now on.

What do you think of this?

My Thoughts

Personally speaking, I don’t stan the group itself but I know them well. The one I am most familiar with is Minah because of her good acting chops; I was also shocked she was such a good singer.

I know Hyeri as well because she acts in dramas and I am more into kdramas than Kpop. I also previously saw Yura in a drama as well.

In terms of acting capabilities judging from the projects in which I saw the girls in, the strongest is Minah and the weakest is Yura. I haven’t seen Sojin in any drama and I heard her voice, she has an amazing voice so I am shocked as to why she’s trying to act instead of leading a successful solo career in singing.

If she can get her hands on a good song with her voice she can shine brightly so I am confused about her decision to pursue acting.

Minah is very good at acting, I didn’t even know she was an idol until someone pointed it out to me; I was enjoying her performance in various dramas. Hyeri is good but not great, her performance in “Reply 1988” was good but she did badly in “Two Cops” so much so she was heavily criticized for her performance and ended up issuing an apology for it.

Hyeri is the most famous one in her group but in my opinion, Minah can do better acting-wise. Hyeri doesn’t strike me as the type of person that can take on a wide array of characters unlike Minah, Hyeri can grow to become an amazing actress but needs serious training. Yura is an idol who’s clearly trying to be something they’re not, I saw her acting and it was bad, I didn’t know she was an idol when I saw her in a drama but I figured it out when she opened her mouth, she’s nowhere near Minah or Hyeri.

As to the group:

I hope they will be clear with their fans and honest! If the girls decided not to renew their contracts with their respective labels and they decided not to promote as a group anymore, I hope they tell their fans instead of just saying they will come back one-day giving people fake hope. We all know some groups do this but its not nice to give people fake hope when you know well your group is over…

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