Girl Group Idol Exposed For Bringing Her Boyfriend On Tour Then Acting Like A ‘Dummy’ Causing Issues To Her Group And Agency

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A scathing report by Korean news outlet Newsen has exposed a female idol from a girl group and it’s shocking to say the least.

The ‘blind item’ report shares details about what the idol did. They referred to her as ‘F.’ She succeeded in bringing her boyfriend on her group’s tour after many attempts, the group’s had an international event that took place at the beginning of this year and he tagged along.

The boyfriend somehow lost his passport and ‘F’ insisted that she must ride on the same airplane as him forcing her agency to change her flight ticket 13 times costing the agency over $400 extra.

But it doesn’t stop there, the member apparently missed the rehearsals and while her other group member were at them she was seen posting pictures of exotic locations to her SNS.

This led to resentment from the organizers and due to her actions, the team didn’t receive the full performance fee due to breach of contract.

 Kpop fans have been trying to guess the kpop idol name, what do you think of her actions?

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