Gdragon Only Stepped Out Of Military But He Already Proved His Status As The Top Idol Topping brand reputation rankings For Male Idols

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The king of Kpop is back and better than ever!

Around this time each month the Korean Business Research Institute reveals its brand reputation rankings for individual boy group members. The rankings are determined through an analysis of consumer participation, media coverage, communication, and community awareness indexes of 527 boy group members, using big data collected from October 15 to November 15.

BTS Jimin held on the number one spot for the 11th consecutive month, while BIGBANG Gdragon rose to the second place on this list this month scoring a total brand reputation index of 8,744,418 for November.

BIGBANG Gdragon has only been discharged a little over two weeks ago, his power can already be sensed, he has also only recently begun to promote again with his project with Nike, besides that, he hasn’t done or been in any other official activity yet.

Similarly, Taeyang and Daesung who were discharged on November 10 still managed to make it to the top 20, with Taeyang at number 14 and Daesung at number 16. Fans are excited to see if a shift will happen next month as BIGBANG members get back to their activities.

It’s not easy to maintain the public interest especially if you take a hiatus for two years while serving the military, however, BIGBANG members still hold that power even though they debuted a long time ago.

Check out the top 30 for this month below:

  1. BTS’s Jimin
  2. BIGBANG’s G-Dragon
  3. BTS’s Jungkook
  4. BTS’s V
  5. BTS’s Jin
  6. BTS’ Suga
  7. NU’EST’s Minhyun
  8. BTS’s RM
  9. ASTRO’s Cha Eun Woo
  10. NU’EST’s Baekho
  11. NU’EST’s JR
  12. NU’EST’s Ren
  13. MONSTA X’s Shownu
  14. BIGBANG’s Taeyang
  15. BTS’s J-Hope
  16. BIGBANG’s Daesung
  17. HOTSHOT’s Ha Sung Woon
  18. EXO’s Sehun
  19. EXO’s Suho
  20. WINNER’s Song Mino
  21. EXO’s Chanyeol
  22. VICTON’s Choi Byung Chan
  23. EXO’s Baekhyun
  24. NU’EST’s Aron
  25. EXO’s Kai
  26. WINNER’s Kang Seung Yoon
  27. SF9’s Rowoon
  28. Super Junior’s Kim Heechul
  29. B.A.P’s Youngjae
  30. Super Junior’s Kyuhyun

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By Kevin Miller

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  1. Sorry to say this but him on from BTS will NOT be at the number one spot for much longer. No matter how are the fake army try. G DRAGON AND BIG BANG WILL ALWAYS BE NUMBER ONE.. I am spook glad they came back. Us as fans the VIPS we a lot more strong then fake army will ever be…and that I can say is a fact…

    1. As the last person said JIMIN from BTS will NOT be number one for very long. No matter how much the fake army try.. VIPS have been around a lot long then the fake army.. BIG BANG G DRAGON WILL ALWAYS BE NUMBER ONE. And i quite sure that bts will bow down when it comes to their senior.. all day everyday.. bts only got popular when Big bang went in the military, now that Big Bang is back we can see the shift began.. sorry fake army ur pull has just ended and the VIPS are back to make sure we have what WE want..

      1. The two people who commented or it maybe one individual who only changed her/his name . Can please “SHUT UP”
        Stop spreading hate and try to be positive from now onwards .

        1. Big bang had always been the kings of kpop…..I never disagreed with that coz. I really respect and love them even though i am an army ….I really anticipated their return.VIPs are our sunbaes ….That is how we looked at you and now when u say that ARMYs are fake really hurts .What bad have we done to receive such a harsh statement?

        2. Ik not trying to spread hate or anything but during the time of bts bigbang members were focusing on their solo career. And during last few month’s bts was on break or inactivity except for jhope with single track chicken noodles soup but was way behind other members (jk was in news only because of his long hair). No hate but how can inactivity members be more of a hot topic then active member that solely means bts got tons of fake stan or their big army…….

      2. Haha you’re the same person with a different way of writing your name. No one’s fooled. No hate to G*dragon but this clownery you’re doing? Everyone knows Big*Bang so why even go there?

      3. I can just feel the toxicity coming from you. If GD rises to the top, thats perfectly fine, if Jimin stays where he is, that’s fine too. Kpop ain’t that deep hun and you need to realise that ARMY is much bigger than VIP.

        1. Ik not trying to spread hate or anything but during the time of bts bigbang members were focusing on their solo career. And during last few month’s bts was on break or inactivity except for jhope with single track chicken noodles soup but was way behind other members (jk was in news only because of his long hair). No hate but how can inactivity members be more of a hot topic then active member that solely means bts got tons of fake stan or their big army…….

      4. You guys say that bts will not be on first. I thinks it your thoughts because bts are the one how promote kopo more than Bing bang. And now the competition is though and bts will tell that no can defeat them. And bingbang will be a last.then just tell me that bingbang won any bilbored awards or broken any YouTube record or any world record. And you talk about fake army then let me tell you are the one the fake ones. Yg is fraud and fake.

    2. Can we please not insult other kpop fan groups as we have not done anything to hurt you in any way and saying that army is fake is really rude because we could say your fake too. I am a massive fan of BTS and BigBang and many other groups so I feel like we should support everyone fans and group members and please keep your negative opinions to yourself instead of putting it on social media to make everyone else feel shit, just to make yourself feel better. Thanks very much.

    3. @Tonyawalker whatever u r saying just keep in mind if ur supporting ur BINGBANG its good n we dont have any arguments abt that but dont u call us a fake army we can and we will see about their inspirational energy and u better be ready for that. i dont have any personal issues with u but i think i will have becoz how the way u said that u dont think taat jimin cant be at no 1 so please baby why dont u start or augur if u r fond of prediction .u r prediction wot work here.and if u r ttalking abt army why dont see EMA awards bts got the best fans please open ur eyes why they r shut dont see with buttons.u can learn from me i didnt say word abt BIGBANG and this the way u support ur group.

      1. Look here like simple asking even I know we have one favourite member but how do those army manager like that not supporting every member no need to treat them equally I understand that but just look at jhope where is he even though he was active during their break u guys simple dont and we dont even care and we don’t mean each and every army or bts stan are fake just those who hope between every fandom and only clam to be a real army unlike u or maybe you are that fake so it hurts your feeling. If you were following kpop and liking every group then you should know what we mean again not trying to be toxic.

    4. You should be ashamed to call yourself a fan of BIGBANG. The way you show your attitude to other fandom is how you represent yourself. If you want GD to be on top do that with actions, don’t put others down. I love GD and have been a fan even before I knew BTS but I’m ashamed that instead of voting foe for your idol you’re here trying to start fan wars.

    5. It’s the future there’s no difference Jimin is still the top, Big Bang was a long time ago. Now that more generations are coming Big Bang will be forgotten sorry to burst your bubble.

  2. Salty ass VIPs lmao bts and other idols should be respected. Grow a pair and realise that both bigbang and bts are valid and talented. Groups dont need your toxic asses to be giving them bad clout like this. Their music speaks louder than ur salty comments.

  3. Duhh!?! Wae do I feel like u guys are jealous of BTS and stop calling ARMY fake because u can also be a fake one too THO!! AND I BELIEVE THAT BTS WILL BE TOP RANKING THIS CHART AND SOON THE REST OF THE MEMBERS WILL SECURE THE TOP 7 POSITIONS TOO SO …….SU…..

  4. BIGBANG is on another level and I can’t wait to hear their music again. No other group has captured my interest like they have and the members are so adorkably sweet and genuine. Good luck on your next activities GD!

  5. that’s tough ^^ the fact that people actually care about sh*t like this. Mind ya business. I like BTS and BIGBANG but i’m not gonna drag either cause that’s what REAL FANS do. Not drag other people’s faves. Period. You’re not slick with the same name

  6. So what if G-Dragon cane back from the military we armys dont care we will still support BTS no matter what! WIN OR LOSE WE DONT CARE WE WILL ALWAYS SUPPORT BTS!

  7. what do you mean by ‘fake army’?? Maybe instead of calling people fake, you should just mind your own business and support your Idol. And we will support our idols too..okay? So stop creating fan wars please. I just want everyone to love each other and live happily instead of hate and toxicness….So stop hating and love everyone♡♡ Wish BIGBANG and BTS and all other kpop idols a good luck for their future…사랑해♡♡♡

  8. It’s funny how people here are not able to accept the fact yet that jimin is standing first. I understand that u ain’t an army but u should learn how to respect other artists too. U have no rights to call their fandoms fake. Is Gdragon deserves being first, he will surely make it, why worry so much… But please, stop insulting other artists and fandoms saying that they don’t belong here or they are fake. They too made great efforts to reach where they are right now…. Peace all <3

  9. Omg guys! Learn to respect the artists! There is no use calling yourself a part of your fav groups fandom is u don’t know how to respect other groups. They all try their best and the amount of hardwork they put in can’t be mentioned. If u are so “loyal” Towards your bias or group, u bring them a great amount of disgrace too as they know how to respect on another but sadly… U guys don’t. If u show even a lil bit of respect for other groups and artists, then I bet your fandom is just lovely. And labelling other groups followers like the armys “fake” Is just so insulting. U are not entitled to treat or term anyone anyway u want. Please… First learn how to respect all

  10. I understand that you guys are VIPS but there is no need to call army fake . I support both the fandoms but I don’t think it’s necessary to call army fake.

  11. I was a big bang fan…
    Infact I started to know k-pop from big bang…
    But to the haters of bts…
    I just hope you don’t spread shit in here too…
    Nobody in k-pop has been respected, awarded like bts…
    You can just Google it if you want to know…

  12. We are voting for our bias not for a fan war
    If gdragon win this we will say congratulation to vip coz done a lot of effort
    We don’t want a war. Dont say fake army
    U shouldn’t say that


    1. Quite sure that girl is ex-army and not gonna be a long-term VIP, so guys don’t be bothered of her. Sometimes ppl just need time to grow up.
      As well as those who got too excited to slap VIP’s down the topic about GD… That’s funny. Thanks for reading about him still being great. We will see you in 10 years and discuss how was it.
      I mean, guys, BTS are doing really good, but not that long yet to talk about it. The higher you climb, the harder is to fall, – VIPs know, and we are still here. I wish army to be same strong when the time comes (and as the history of K-pop shows – it’s always does, put down pink glasses if you still sure it’s not gonna happen to BTS coz it’s a part of hakking culture and there’s nothing we can do).

      1. Never heard of BB Music because I only listen to BTS. But I wish GD all the best with his comeback. Is there going yo be new music from him considering YG situation now?

  14. What are you talking about”fake armys” did you not go to elementary school or middle school because I’m pretty sure that every teacher would say if you don’t have something nice to say keep to your self asshole or is your head to far up your ass that you couldn’t hear your teacher say that .


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